"The Reunion"

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Disclaimer: I don't own 'em....either of 'em, but if I did, you can bet this would be fun to make this sort of thing canon

Dedicated to the Red Queen, because she asked....and because I owed her more than this could cover....

Abby sank further into the steaming water, deeply inhaled the heady lavender scent of the bubble bath. She hadn't had a night alone in the house in months, and was quick to take advantage of the situation. She sighed heavily, closed her eyes, and let sleep come over her. Her mind wandered to her last most romantic evening. A smile curled the corners of her lips, one hand sliding down her belly as she remembered that special night.


Kisses trailed down along her throat, ending with a teasing nip at her shoulder. "Mmm," she murmured, arching her neck. "Do that again."

"What did I tell you, Abby?" came the soft whisper in her ear. "No talking, and no attempts to touch me to figure out who I am."


"If you can't follow these simple rules, this all ends and I leave you alone and tied up like this. I'm sure there are several of your colleagues who would love to find you like this."

Abby shook her head at that. As much as she loved this, there was no way she could let anyone else find out about her "recreational activities." No one would understand....and there was always the chance she could lose her job. Acquiescing, she stilled her body, smiling at her unrecognizable lover.

The kisses began again, traveling further down to the valley between her breasts. She stifled a loud gasp as the sensuous lips applied light suction before gliding over to a nipple. She writhed in pleasure as that same suction seemed to be pulling her nipple off of her body. Carefully she arched her body toward that heavenly mouth, then cried out softly....


...as she felt a mouth descend upon her earlobe. Abby jerked up, opened her eyes to see only darkness.

"Shh," she heard in her ear, such a familiar voice. "It's just a blindfold, Abby, my pet."

Abby smiled and leaned back into the tub. "How did you know where to find me?"

"Do you really think I wouldn't know where to find you? Honestly, Abby, did you think I would let you get away that easily? It's one thing that I allowed your marriage to that Bradford man, allowed you to join him and his brood here. But it's entirely another thing to let you out of my clutches before your term of service is completed." Abby sighed at the finger tracing along her collarbone, then below the water to glide across a nipple. "And how long is your servitude to me?"

"Forever," Abby breathed, leaning back, relaxing into the teasing touches assailing her body. "I wasn't sure I'd be able to–"

"Uh-uh, pet," came the soft voice again. "What are the rules when you serve me?"

"No speaking without your permission. No touching you without your permission." She stopped, crying out softly as knowing fingers slipped between her legs, lightly teased her clit.

"What else, pet?" The voice was insistently commanding despite the low tone. "You seem to be forgetting the most important lesson of all. Do I have to reinstate your training regimen? Reteach you your lessons?"

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "The most important of my lessons is that I am not allowed an orgasm without your permission."

The questing fingers slipped further, gliding into her in a most familiar way. Abby bit her lip, undulating slightly, legs spreading in the water, enabling deeper penetration. She'd missed this for so long, but knew better than to actively seek it. Her mistress controlled their relationship, as it had always been, and always would be.

"Very good, my pet. And do you think you deserve an orgasm? Abby? Do you think you deserve an orgasm?"

Abby groaned in frustration as the nimble fingers slithered out of her body. Unbidden, her body arched up out of the water toward the hands leaving her. She heard the water sloshing out of the tub, but didn't care about the mess. She only wanted those fingers back, the tongue tracing her throat again. "If you feel I deserve one, then I deserve one."

She sensed the woman's pleasure, felt the fingers return in earnest for a fleeting moment before retreating again. Before she could protest, she heard the water begin to drain from the tub. "Stand up, pet, let's get you into the bedroom."

"But Tom–"

"I'm sorry, did I hear something?" came the reply as a towel was wrapped around Abby's body.

"I'm sorry," she replied, following her mistress into the bedroom. She knelt before the woman, nuzzling into the naked stomach. Reverent kisses were placed along that soft skin.

"Very good," came the purr. "You've been good, you're allowed." She lightly pressed Abby's head lower, then hissed delightedly as Abby nuzzled closer. She held onto the woman's hips lightly for balance, tongue slipping into the sensitive slick flesh, instantly seeking entrance. Greedily, her tongue searched for any stray drop of the mistress' wetness. Before she could be so instructed, she sucked the sensitive clit between her lips, lashing it with her tongue until the mistress cried out in climax. Abby continued to gently probe the swollen flesh until lightly pushed away. "I see you haven't forgotten, pet. That means you receive my boon. Now, remove the blindfold and go into the bag. Prepare me for your reward, my sweet."

Abby dutifully removed the blindfold, refraining from glancing up at her mistress, and went to the bag by the bathroom door. Quickly, she reached into the bag, smiling as her hand closed on the item she'd wanted. Crawling on her knees, she returned to the mistress' side. Only now did she glance up at her mistress, waiting to receive the nod to continue. She didn't have long to wait, graced with a smile and caress to her head. In no time, she had the harness belted onto her mistress, as if it had been only yesterday when she'd last done this.

The mistress turned her gaze from the doting eyes of her pet to study the workmanship. She trailed a finger along the blood red length attached to her groin. "Very fast job, my pet. You impress me still." Again, she graced Abby with a caress to her cheek. "On all fours, pet. You can have a pillow if you wish." Abby quickly spun around in the other directions, on her hands and knees, legs spread wide. She lowered her head, closing her eyes, but found she didn't have to wait long. She bit her lip to stifle a loud cry as she felt the long, thick dildo slide into her. She locked her elbows, back arching, as the mistress began a quick, hard rhythm, stroking the dildo deeply within her. She wanted to take it slowly, relish the particular talents of her mistress, but knew that it wasn't her call. She knew she should be happy enough that the mistress was allowing this. And then she lost all coherent thought as the mistress leaned over her and trapped Abby's clit between strong fingers. She felt her hips snapping back to meet those of her mistress, the beginning twinges of her orgasm taking over her. She bit her lip hard enough to draw blood, doing her best not to make a sound without permission.

As if telepathic, the mistress leaned closer, lips caressing her ear. "You're allowed to cry out, pet. Just this once I'll allow it."

Abby didn't need to be told twice. Flinging her head back, she cried out, body beginning to tremble as she came. Her arms couldn't hold her up, and she fell to her elbows, shaking through the powerful waves. Still overwhelmed, it took her a few moments to realize she was no longer filled. Wearily, she looked up to find herself alone.


"Just rerunning your tub, Abby," came the reply as the woman stepped out of the bathroom. She guided Abby back to into the tub. "Relax now. Enjoy your bath, all right?"

"Thank you, Mistress," Abby barely murmured, thoroughly exhausted.

"No, Abby, no more mistress, not tonight. Perhaps not anymore period. Just two very close, old friends."

Tears filled Abby's eyes as she boldly met the sparkling blue ones, and she reached up to caress the face so close to her own. "Thank you, Kimba. You don't know what this means to me."