by Shatterpath


Rating: PG-13 maybe R

Pairings: Sam/Janet

Category: 1st time

Date: 2-15-01

Series: nope

Disclaimer: Don’t own them, wish I did. They belong to Showtime, MGM and Gekko Productions. Lucky dogs…

Notes: this was yet another story challenge that got me thinking. #2 - Must have chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate; at least a semi-sorta plot; the healing device; and a thunderstorm or blizzard.

Summary: When R&R becomes what no one expected…

“Well, at least it wasn’t me for once. Now hold still.”

“Ouch! Daniel!”

“Just because you can’t keep your grip…”

It had been two days since SG-1 had arrived at the mountain cabin for some R&R. The first day had been uneventful, but the second had gone straight into the toilet. It had dawned overcast and mean looking but they had taken the snowmobiles out anyway. Due to weight discrepancies, Sam had been paired off with Teal’c while Jack was stuck with Daniel. Even now Sam could remember watching Jack’s snowmobile buck crazily before the machine underneath her had done its own wild bronco impression. The next thing had been the icy ground reaching up to smack her like a professional wrestler. Then Daniel was leaning over her and fussing while she could only wheeze around the constriction in her chest. After lying panting in the snow for some time, Sam was finally able to climb on the snowmobile to be driven back to the cabin. While Jack and Teal’c drove down to the nearby town, Daniel was playing nursemaid to his battered teammate. It wasn’t until they were long gone that Daniel discovered the next incident in their rotten day. There had been a water leak in the pantry that had ruined most of the food stores. All that was left were the sacks of leftover Halloween candy Jack had provided and more hot cocoa packets than four adults reasonably needed. Of course neither of their cell phones worked this far out and the wind was picking up.

“This sucks,” Sam groused as Daniel absently rubbed her lower back to try and keep some of the pain at bay. She had her head on a pillow in his lap and they both stared into the merry little fire that was their only entertainment.

“I know Sam,” he soothed in his gentlest voice. “Try and get some sleep.”

Grumbling at the universe in general, Sam snuggled down into the mattress pilfered from one of the rooms and tried to relax around the ache in her shoulders and skull. It was pointless. She was far too grouchy and tense to possibly give into the hypnotic mantra of Daniel’s warm voice or the crackling flames. No chance at all…

Familiar hands traced over neck and shoulders to burrow into her hair and massage her throbbing scalp. Moaning in pain, Sam tried to escape the torture, pressing into the comforting softness that cradled her. Janet grinned at Daniel when he squeaked in response to Sam’s face burrowing in against his stomach. They had dozed off and the archeologist had been quite shocked when woman and teen had unexpectedly been beside him upon waking. A restless and pained Sam had rolled over in her sleep and unconsciously allowed access to her damaged back.

“Relax Daniel,” Janet soothed. “I promise not to let her embarrass either you or herself. Cassandra hon, could you play nurse for a minute?”

“Sure,” the girl agreed and knelt to help hold Sam in place. Janet slipped a hand under Sam’s shirt and her prodding elicited a full-fledged moan and wakefulness.

“Easy Sam, it’s just me. Just making sure you haven’t ruined all my hard work.”


Disoriented, Sam tried to figure out her surroundings. A soft, firm surface prevented her from opening her eyes and she was startled when it moved with someone’s breathing. Daniel then. There were hands holding her skull firmly still, two more on her shoulder, one of Janet’s on her hip and the other prodding the dull soreness.

“Is she okay?”

Cassandra’s voice was soft and anxious as Sam moaned again. A quick grin from her adopted mother reassured the teenager. “She’ll be better once I quit poking at her, right Sam?”

The only response was a foul-sounding mumble.

Eventually, Sam’s friends arranged her on her back and stoked up the fire to keep her company while they unloaded the rental SUV. The weather had turned ugly with a brisk wind sweeping in dark clouds heavy with moisture. Heat and the dull ache lulled Sam into a hazy stupor broken only by the sounds of the others moving about. Not until the mattress shifted under someone’s weight did she blink back to the present.

“Hey,” Janet smiled gently and laid a hand on Sam’s forehead. “Found some painkillers, want ‘em?”

That earned a weak glare. It was a bit of a trick, getting the thick pills down with a tall glass of milk to cushion her stomach. Then Sam sprawled out again and tried to ignore the pain. She was unaccountably reassured by Janet tenderly petting her bangs. Eventually, Cassandra and Daniel flopped down on the big mattress with milk and cookies to read bits and pieces of a magazine to one another. They handed Janet some of the treats and made her join in on the impulsive round-robin session. It was some nature magazine dealing with animals and geography and gradually they all slipped into sleep.

The call of nature woke Sam suddenly. The cabin shook and rattled around her as the wind howled balefully outside. Only coals illuminated the snug room and she was relieved that the building seemed to be weatherproof. There were warm bodies pressed up against both sides of her, their breathing soft and even. Too small and soft to be Daniel, they warmed her as much with their presence as their body heat. Carefully, Sam wiggled away from the others and skulked off to the bathroom. Her teeth were fuzzy and her nerves dull from the painkillers Janet had fed her earlier. The drum-tight stiffness across neck and back told her that the lack of pain was illusionary at best. It would return with a vengeance as soon as it could. Even the brief trip away from the nest of bodies had chilled her. So she grabbed a couple of sleeping bags she found with the penlight in her pocket and hurried back to the living room.

“Janet. Get up and help me out here,” she whispered and gently prodded the small woman awake.

“Hmmm? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. There’s just a really nasty storm blowing outside and I don’t want any of us to get chilled. Help me cover everybody up.”

“Hey, you’re the hurt one. Lay down, I’ve got it.”


Even in the near dark, that doctorly glare made Sam shut up and do as she was told. The bags were unzipped and tossed over where Cassandra cuddled up between Daniel and Sam. Then Janet yawned and stretched luxuriously. An odd feeling crept through Sam’s medicated brain as she watched the petite woman sinuously work the kinks out of her muscles. Had Janet always projected this low-burn magnetism and she had just never noticed? Their eyes met in the near dark and a shiver of electric awareness passed between them. Frozen by the moment, Janet was torn between the need to flee and the aching desire to give into the invitation she suddenly saw in the shadowed blue eyes. It was an old, raw need she felt for the enigmatic puzzle that was Sam Carter. Almost from the day she had been introduced to the tall woman she had been drawn to her like a butterfly to nectar. There was a seductive comfort to Sam, an ease that she brought to the space around her. It was a very attractive and completely unconscious trait. There were quite a few who had succumbed to the charm.

“I should go get some sleep,” Janet heard her own voice say tightly. With a flick of her arm, Sam tossed the edge of the sleeping bag back.

“C’mere, I’ll keep you warm.”

The low invitation pulled Janet onto her knees even as her common sense railed at her to knock it off. This was a dangerous game and she knew it. But she allowed Sam to draw her down and cuddle her close. Spooned against Sam’s lanky body with strong arms wrapped lovingly around her, Janet was surprised when sleep drew her again into oblivion.

Wakefulness returned to Sam with various sensations. Some sadist had been using her shoulders for a set of bongos and she was wrapped around Janet’s warm, soft body like a python. They were cuddled together like old-time lovers, not platonic friends who had never so much as slept in the same room together. Sam’s greater weight had pressed Janet to the mattress and one arm was trapped between the small woman’s breasts. With their legs intertwined and soft brunette hair tickling her face, Sam was blissfully comfortable. Maybe she should have been surprised, but she honestly wasn’t. This fierce and tender caretaker had come to mean so much to her that holding her like this felt wondrously right. Sleepily, Janet stirred and made a faint noise that was adorable in its vulnerability.

“Good morning,” Sam hummed softly and felt the ripple of response echo through Janet. For a long moment her body screamed rejection before throwing in the towel and relaxing. A hand came up to wind into blonde locks and kept Sam’s face tucked against the back of her neck.

“Bet you’re wishing that healing device were here, huh?”

“Why? You can’t use it,” Sam replied in a deadpan tone and somehow sensed Janet’s smile. There was no one else in the room, Daniel and Cassandra having vacated earlier.

“Smartass,” Janet replied in just a serious a tone and they both huffed in quiet laughter. “Seriously, how do you feel?”

“I haven’t been this comfy in years,” Sam said truthfully and shifted her hips into a slightly different position. The smaller woman caught her breath as a searing bolt of arousal raced through her nerve endings. It was not lost on Sam and the intimate position they were in suddenly registered clearly for the first time. The desire to kiss the soft skin above Janet’s collar was a sudden temptation Sam wasn’t certain she could resist. There was only one safe way to get out of this and she knew it.

“Of course my shoulders are killing me. Any ideas?”

Sure enough, Janet wiggled out from underneath her and twisted around to run gentle hands over Sam’s aching back. The touch felt wonderfully soothing and Sam purred in appreciation. Once more Janet’s hormones sang counterpoint to the larger woman’s magnetism. “And here you had me almost convinced you really did feel decent.”

“Considering what happened yesterday, I do feel decent. All of you keeping me warm helped me stay relaxed last night.”

At that moment Daniel and Cassandra’s voices drifted in from the back of the cabin. Soon they stepped into the room and lit up with delight.

“You’re awake,” Cassandra exclaimed and came over to kneel beside the limply sprawled Sam. “Do you still hurt?”

“Yeah, kind of. I’m stiff more than anything.”

Guileless blue eyes rose to meet Janet’s gaze and the teen made a suggestion. “Wouldn’t a massage help with that?”

Cassandra had no way of deciphering the odd look that passed through her adopted mom’s eyes. But Daniel certainly could and he grinned widely. There was a wonderful chemistry that burned between these two women and this was a perfect opportunity for them. Even better if he could keep Cassandra occupied…

“Yeah, we’ll get you set up and leave you with your patient Doc,” he said with exaggerated innocence. “There’s a game room down the hall that can keep me and Cass here occupied for hours.”

Both women stared at him as though he had lost his mind. Still grinning, Daniel drafted Cassandra into helping him stoke up the fire and collecting various towels and pillows. While they moved about he explained that they were snowed in quite efficiently and there was another storm on its way in.

“It’ll be a few days before anyone can come retrieve us. The cars are completely buried and the wind is still vicious. Fortunately Cass and I managed to find a cellar with some canned food and a generator in it. We’ll be fine as long as we can keep ourselves occupied.”

His pointed look in their general direction made both women flush faintly. The crowning achievement of Daniel’s setting them up was a small bottle of baby oil he pressed into Janet’s hand. Despite her embarrassment and nerves she fired him a curious look.

“Brought it in case anyone got too much sun or wind burn,” he explained and grinned wolfishly again. “You ladies have a relaxing afternoon. We’ll be at the other end of the cabin if you need anything.”

And with that and quick kisses from Cassandra, they were gone with the hallway door locked behind them. Sam kicked away the sleeping bag now that the fire was warming the room and eyed the tray of food that Daniel had left. It was boring, canned corn and glasses of milk and handfuls of Halloween candy, but it would quiet her stomach.“Janet? Could you help me sit up?”

Startled out of her musing by Sam’s voice, Janet hastened to comply. Side by side, they quickly worked their way through the food despite Sam’s painful movements. In fact Sam was beginning to forget how this wonderful woman made her feel as the tension in her shoulders gleefully wreaked havoc in her body. She hooked a finger around her own collar but was unable to pull very hard. “I’m going to need your help.”

“Of course. Just relax.” They were completely businesslike getting Sam out of her t-shirt and bra. Running her hands over the silky smooth back, Janet felt the knotted and strained muscles. Faint bruising radiated out like butterfly wings from Sam’s upper spine. “On your tummy girl.”

“Yes ma’am.”

As a doctor, Janet knew the principals of what she was about to do. Popping open the little bottle of oil, she warmed a puddle in her hands before running them over the lean planes of Sam’s body. What Janet had never expected was the primitive sensuousness of this kind of interaction with someone she cared about so deeply. Trusting her completely, Sam closed her eyes and allowed Janet complete access to her vulnerable back and neck. Gently, the healing hands smoothed over bone and muscle, coaxing away the pain and stress with the magic of touch. Soon Sam was lulled into a quiet place of calm and serenity. In time, Janet found herself running her hands over Sam’s back for the sole pleasure of just doing it. It was a relief to her as much as her partner to feel the muscles soft and complacent under her hands. Then that illicit pleasure flared up again and her touch changed subtly.

Suddenly, Sam rolled over to stare wordlessly into Janet’s eyes. Firelight danced in the dark depths, making the small woman look feral and sensual. Those wonderful hands hovered uncertainly above her body until Sam gently grasped both wrists and drew them down to curl around her ribs.

“Finish the job?”

It was an almost soundless request breathed by Sam in a tone that was equal parts sensual and afraid. Janet was hardly aware of what she was doing as her body lowered to straddle Sam’s hips and her hands felt the bumpy curves of the strong ribcage. Then they drifted lower to map the flat plane of abdominal muscles, fingertips pressed into the flesh in subtle caress. Sam forced herself to lay still and appreciate the loving touch along with the accompanying gleam in Janet’s eyes. Enraptured, the brown gaze never left the sight of hands on smooth skin, knowing this was even more intimate than touching Sam’s back. Now the blue eyes watched her with silent intent and absolute trust. Firmly and gently, Janet stroked away lingering tension in the strong abdominals, leaving behind a far more pleasant anxiety as she worked her way up. Pressing the ‘L’ of her index finger and thumb into the soft underside of Sam’s breasts, Janet flexed into the hidden pectorals. A hissing breath made her smile and she caught the movement out of the corner of her eye as Sam’s hands curled into the blankets. Smiling, Janet continued to press against the soft mounds to relax the muscles beneath and ignored Sam’s small noises. Finally, she left off to draw closer to the vulnerable throat and collarbones. Now she could clearly see the smoky blue eyes watching her so intently.


“Yes,” Sam whispered and reached up to hook a hand around the back of her friend’s neck. It did not take much effort to tug her down until warm lips could press soft kisses against cheekbone and nose. “Thank you,” she murmured between each press of her lazy mouth to Janet’s skin until she could feel the tense muscles of her smile. For endlessly long moments they remained like that, Janet hovering over Sam with the blonde woman nuzzling the corner of her mouth. It was a teasing, flirtatious gesture that showed a feline playfulness to Sam that Janet marveled at. Finally she chuckled and raised her head up only just far enough to look into the shadowed eyes.

“You’re a tease,” Janet drawled softly.


“Yes. Tease. Is there something you wanted?”

Oh, that flare of arousal was becoming addictive. They were playing with fire and they knew it, but neither seemed inclined to stop. Sam moved a hand to gently tip Janet’s head back and expose her defenseless throat. A whimper of response escaped the smaller woman when she felt the suckling kiss on her windpipe. “Sssaamm…”


That same wandering hand dusted over Janet’s cheek to toy with the hair at her temple. Its mate traced the pattern of bone and muscle beneath Janet’s burgundy sweater. But it was the gentle mouth that was truly driving her mad as it drew random patterns over her neck and the soft underside of her jaw. If this felt so good, what would those kisses be like on even more sensitive areas of her body? Janet moaned helplessly and began to press into Sam’s lanky body. “G…god Sam…”

Sam smiled in triumph at the guttural tone she had coaxed out of her friend. There had been a strange undercurrent of energy between them that had appeared so gradually that neither had noticed for a very long time. Then those gentle hands on her flesh, so different from Janet’s usual clinical touch, had done Sam in. She could think of little that had ever pleased her as much as the sounds of abandonment from this very special woman. Of course, the knobby knit of the sweater pressing against her sensitive breasts and belly was good too. Then Janet suddenly shifted and Sam was lost in the passionate blending of their mouths. There was no warning, no discussions and hopefully no regrets. Janet moaned again and wrapped herself tightly around Sam. Lips and tongues mapped territory neither had ever explored, never consciously thought of. Sam’s hands wandered further under the sweater to get at more of Janet’s skin.

“Enough,” Janet finally growled against Sam’s mouth. “Take the damn thing off.”

Clothes were rapidly discarded, the baby oil slick between their skins. Every hidden urge to touch and taste was tried and practiced until they had become quite proficient with one another’s responses. Then they at last grew quiescent and exhausted as the now-dormant blizzard outside. Janet lay sprawled on Sam’s larger frame, running a lazy finger over one collarbone.



“I’m glad I got snowed in with you.”

“Me too, love. Me too.”