Torment of Two: Joy Ride

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognised characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Author's Notes: People have been pestering me for this story ever since I first posted "The Ride." And now that Jenn's up here, in close pestering proximity, I just had to write it. Let's hope it stands up to everyone's expectations....

Thanks to Jenn for the beta work all thru this..And for trying to wrap her brain around a dominant Sam *veg*

Sometimes it's really great to be alive, you know that? Surrounded by fresh air, blue skies, an abundance of fragrances, and the most beautiful woman in any galaxy. And yes, I did say THE most beautiful woman. Nothing like lying flat on my back, staring up into warm chocolate eyes turned darker with arousal, hands filled with those voluptuous breasts, hearing her delightful little gasps and sighs, feeling her wetness seep into the denim surrounding.... Oh yeah....

"Come on, baby," I murmur, intently watching her face contort in pleasure. "You know you want it."

"Sam," she moans, leaning heavily into my hands, filling my palms with her sweet weight.

"Tell me," I reply, a slight edge to my voice. I won't let her get away with it quite that easily. Nope, my bitch has to work for it. She whimpers, eyes squeezed tightly shut. I pull my hands away, stilling my own movements. "Say it, bitch," I growl in a low tone. "Say it, or I'll stop right here, right now."

Her eyes snap open to stare at me in horror, heavily laced with desire. I can see the gears trying to kick back into order, her brain gearing into overdrive to comprehend enough to do what I've asked. She isn't quite sure I'm serious, but by now she knows me well enough not to push me too far. "I - I - Daddy, please," she whimpers finally, tears of frustration glittering in her eyes. "Fuck me, Daddy."

She lowers her head on that last sentence, unable to meet my eyes now. I reach up, grasping her chin in my fingers, and force her eyes to meet mine. A tear slips down her cheek, stopped by my thumb. "Tears? Baby, what's wrong?" I ask in my most sincere voice, despite the thrills of desire racing up and down my spine. "Talk to me, baby. Tell Daddy what's wrong." She whimpers a bit, eyes closing. "Don't you want Daddy to fuck you?"

"I do," she murmurs, but won't meet my gaze.

"Then why the tears? All you had to do was say it."

"I know..." I smile suddenly. "Baby, look at me." Slowly she opens her eyes to gaze down at me. I can see the fear, the desire, the embarrassment running through them. "Are you embarrassed by this? Did it bother you that I made you say that?"

"A little," she murmurs, making me chuckle.

"Oh, baby, I don't want to embarrass you. I want you to enjoy this. I want you to scream in ecstasy when I make you come. I want you to beg me for more." I glance up at her through my lashes, a teasing smirk on my face. "Do you think you can handle that?"

Eyes wide, she nods. Smiling, I pull her down to me, taking possession of her lips for a lingering, smoldering kiss. When I release her, she sags limply against me. "Oh god, Sam," she moans.

"Uh-uh-uh," I remind her, quirking a brow.

"Sorry, Daddy," she replies, blushing and giggling.

Chuckling myself, I kiss her nose, then let my hands rest on her hips. Lightly, I slap a palm against her naked ass. "Get up, baby. You need to earn the right to ride this rocket again."

Reluctantly, she eases herself off of me, kneeling next to me, her hands resting lightly on her spread thighs, eyes demurely downcast. Leaning up on my elbows, I take my time, letting my eyes rake up her body, from her knees to her eyes. I watch her body flush, the color deepening to a dark caramel color. Oh yes, my baby's totally aroused and ready to go again. But she's going to have to prove herself to me, work for her release.

"Very nice, baby," I murmur, reaching over to trail a finger along her inner thigh, "but you're going to get awfully frustrated if you just sit there."

Glancing at me from under her lashes and bangs, Janet's brown eyes sparkle with a hunger that I adore. She's never disappointed me when it comes to her sexual appetite. I brace myself on my elbows and prepare to enjoy the ride.

Slowly, she moves to stretch out next to me. Nuzzling at my throat, her fingers work their way down along my chest, molding the heavy cotton of my t-shirt to my body. It doesn't surprise me that she's going to take her time now. I know she's going to do everything she can to get me just as anxious as she is. But it's not going to work. I do have some self-control, especially if I want her to do what I want her to do... And yet my baby will do her damnedest to get me just as horny as she is right now. What she doesn't know is that I'm already that horny, but I have plans for her.

"Daddy?" The question is soft, almost tentative.


She nuzzles her way up to my earlobe, then whispers, "I want you. Please, Daddy?"

"In good time, baby, in good time. Right now, I think you have a mess to clean up, don't you?" I ask. I don't even meet her eyes, but I feel her stiffen slightly in surprise. The thought obviously never crossed her mind. I bite back the smirk threatening to spill out across my face.

She's still for a moment, then gently presses her lips to my temple before getting to her knees again. She leans over my hips, then glances up at me, smiling that delightfully mischievous smile I adore. I silently quirk my eyebrow at her, waiting. She doesn't take long. My baby never has disappointed me.

Licking her lips, Janet bends over to press a brief kiss to the tip of the erection strapped to my waist. Before I can take another breath, she spreads her lips to slowly engulf it. Oh, it's times like this I wish that dildo was really a part of me. To feel her soft, warm lips surrounding my sensitive flesh... I shiver at the thought.

"Do you like that, Daddy?" she asks coyly, gazing at me from beneath those long, dark lashes of hers, then bites on her lower lip. Thank God I'm already laying down. That look of hers makes me weak-kneed...and she knows it. Mischievous little bitch, you're going to pay for that one.

Instead of answering her, I simply reach up and tweak one of the nipples dangling over me. A slow, evil grin spreads across my face at her startled gasp. Indulgently, I lightly trace my fingers down along her side until I reach her ass. Squeezing the rounded globe in my hand, I arch my hips up toward her, a silent reminder of what is happening here.

She whimpers softly, almost a kitten's mewl, then eases her lips down along the seven inches of rubber jutting from my groin. Eyes closed, she lovingly glides up and down for a moment or two, lost in her own fantasies, no doubt. Her hands aren't idle, mind you. She's managed to get one hand into my fly, caressing any flesh she can reach around the harness. Trying to appear nonchalant, she reaches up to undo the button of my fly, expose more of me to her hungry desires, but I just slap her hand away.

"You get what you get, bitch," I say in a low voice. "Don't get greedy, or I'll take it all away. You don't want that, do you, baby?"

"No," comes the muffled reply.

"No what?"

"No, Daddy," she says, contrite.

"Good girl. Now, you finish cleaning up your mess and I'll give you a treat."

I bite back a chuckle at the sparkle in her eyes as she flicks her tongue along the leather surrounding the base. Her hand moves up to caress the slicked length as she begins to lightly suck and chew the damp denim at my groin, greedily doing her best to pull every last drop of our desire from the material.

As she goes about her duty, I find myself growing restless. My hand roams over her body, teasing, tempting, bringing her slowly to a fever pitch of need. She never once stops what she's doing, but I can tell she's getting distracted. Wherever my fingers pause, her body arches toward them, wanting to prolong the contact. But I never stay in one place long enough to satisfy her. And my hand never reaches the one place I know she's craving my touch. No, Janet's not that lucky, not now. I lightly trace the length of her spine with the edge of my fingernail, right down to that little dimple just above the rise of her ass. God, but I love how sensitive she can be. And she hasn't disappointed me yet.

Janet whimpers softly and nuzzles her cheek into the cleft between my stomach and my left thigh. Her eyes are closed as she daintily curls around my leg, draping one of her own across my calves.

I gently ruffle a hand through her long hair, pulling the bandanna out. "What's the matter, baby?" I ask softly. "Are you worn out before you even get your treat?" She nods hesitantly, forcing her cheek even further into the soft material covering my stomach. I tug lightly at a lock of her hair. "C'mere, baby," I murmur, then smile as she stretches herself up along my body, her cheek relocating to just below my chin. "You've been put through the wringer today, haven't you, baby? The clothes, the ride, and now this?" Again she nods, adding a thoroughly pathetic whimper, for effect of course, which earns her a chuckle. "So.... You think you have the strength to stay up on your knees again? Especially if I helped support you?"

"Yes, Daddy," she whispers, then shivers slightly.

"Good girl. You've earned your treat then. Now, up on all fours, baby. Right up here," I say, motioning to my head. A huge grin spreads across my face as her eyes light up and she scrambles to position herself like I said. "Now I'm only going to give you one rule, baby."

"Yes, Daddy?" Her voice is so eager.

"Don't hold back, understand? I want to hear every little whimper, every little moan, and every scream that wants to come out."


"No buts, baby. Everything. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Daddy," she says softly.

"That's my baby," I reply, resting my hands on her hips, then pull her down to me. Janet probably doesn't realize it, but I've been smelling how aroused she is since we got off the bike in the first place. I'm surprised no one else could, but I guess that's not important now, is it? The closer I bring her slickness to me, the stronger her scent becomes, and the more my mouth waters. I take in a lungful of aroused Janet and briefly wonder if that scent could be bottled or worn.

"Daddy?" she squeaks after a moment of feeling nothing but my breath tickling across her moist, sensitive flesh.

"Just relax, baby," I reply in a neutral tone, reminiscent of something she once said to me....sort of. "Daddy's going to take good care of you."

Before she can answer me, I roughly pull her down to my mouth, my teeth lightly nipping at the soaked, matted curls above her clit. The startled gasp and full-body shudder are reaction enough for me. Slowly I repeat her earlier action and remove all traces of moisture from the dark curls before moving to do the same along the creases between crotch and inner thighs. But still, I never linger anywhere for more than a few seconds, nor do I stray near her glistening lips.

Her hips undulate toward my face in a haphazard shaky pattern. It's clear she's close to coming. Hell, she was close before I made her climb off the dildo. And with all the teasing since then? Oh yeah, my baby's gonna screech like a banshee when I do let her come. But not yet.

Ever so lightly, I nudge the tip of my nose against her clit, for the briefest of moments. Just enough to get a low groan of almost pained arousal out of her. Immediately, I follow up with a short, sharp exhalation of air through pursed lips, almost a whistle, that glides across her naked clit.

"Daddy!" It's a soft cry. Not quite high enough or loud enough for me yet.

I side one hand from her hips, and trace along the edge of her lips with the tip of my finger. A soft squeal earns her a slightly heavier touch along her sensitive skin. As I lap up the moisture seeping across her skin again, I trial my hand down the taut muscles of her leg until I reach the edge of her boot.

"Daddy, please." The strain is audible in her voice and in her quavering muscles. Oh she's so close.... All it would take is one well-placed flick of my tongue and I'd be bathed in Janet juice. But I won't do it. Her reaction won't be strong enough. Besides, she hasn't begged me enough yet.

I smile and nuzzled against her thigh for a moment or two. "What do you want, baby?" I don't bother to contain the edge of humour in my tone. She' s too far gone to hear it anyway.

"Want to come," she whispers, so softly, I can barely hear her.

My finger traces along her slick wetness, easing into her to the first knuckle. Her squeal is music to my ears, and I nudge my nose against her clit again, causing yet another squeak of delight. Carefully, I push at her boot with my other hand, widening her stance over me, my finger slipping in and out of her at a maddeningly slow pace. Her growing grunts and sighs only show me how very close she's getting to the brink. It's more than obvious that a bomb could go off next to Janet, and she wouldn't notice it right now. Her entire universe is focused on her impending orgasm.and my delaying of it. I continue to tease her with my finger, adding a second, slowly moving in and out. It's really a distraction right now, as I ease out from under her. My fingers continue their torment as I turn and ease up onto my knees behind and between her legs.

"No, Daddy," she pleads as I remove my fingers.

"I know," I murmur softly, then attack suddenly.

The combined stimulation of penetration and my fingers trapping her clit causes her to scream. "Daddy!!! Oh yes! Don't stop!"

My hips snap forward again, burying the rubber erection into her over and over again. I forget about her clit, trying to maintain some control over her wildly gyrating body. She's actually shaking, her body's going into some sort of overload. Not that I blame her, mind you; I have been kind of evil in keeping her at a fever pitch for so long. But she just wouldn't respond the way I want her to.the way she is now. Her breath is coming in short, sharp little gasps, almost a combination of a whine and a bark, and extremely high-pitched. And her body is a mass of quivering, quaking flesh. It's as if she has no bones to hold her up, and yet, she's staying up on her hands and knees. Glancing around, I can see her elbows are locked.and nearly bowing backwards. As much as I'd love to prolong this, for my own ego-stroking, I can't do that to Janet. Awkwardly, I bend over her, wrapping one arm around her waist for leverage, and trap her throbbing clit between the thumb and first finger of my other hand. A couple quick, rhythmic squeezes, timed with the thrusting of my hips, and that's all it takes.

"DADDY!!!!" she screams, the word elongating, spine snapping to a rigidity I hadn't thought possible. "I'M COM-" Her word is cut off in her need for air.

That first scream is the only warning I get, and I tighten my grip on her, holding on for the ride as she bucks and thrashes beneath me. Her high-pitched cries continue for the duration; in fact, they're my indication of what to do with my obviously enthusiastic lover, where to stroke, when to thrust. And then, suddenly, it's passed. Janet's muscles give out on her and she falls forward, unable to remain upright. I don't know how I manage to do it, but I grab her with my other arm and bring her up to rest against me. She grunts softly as the movement shifts the dildo still buried deeply within her.

"Shhh," I murmur, stroking her hair with my cheek. "I've got you, baby."

"Daddy," she whimpers, sagging against me.

"Just relax," I reply, bending us both over just enough to pull out of her weary body. As soon as we are separated, I sink back on my heels and curl her against me. Gently, I kiss her lips, nuzzling her close as the spasms wind down to a few faint shivers, a result of the sweat evaporating from her over-sensitive skin. She wedges her head under my chin and sighs wearily. "Thank you, love," I murmur in her hair.

"For what?" It comes out so softly, I only realize she's said something by the play of her breath across my throat.

"For playing along."

"I'd do anything for you, Daddy."

I grin at her response, then sigh as my watch starts to beep. "Time to head back home now," I say with a healthy dose of regret in my voice. I feel Janet stiffen in my arms. "What is it?"

"Do we have to ride back with the rest of them?"

I can feel the embarrassment heating up her face. "I was planning on it. Why?"

"They heard me," she whispers, burying her face further in my collar.

"Yes," I reply, chucking. "I'm sure they did. I've never heard you quite so...uninhibited."

"I can't face them."

"Sure you can, Janet. You just pin that patented Doc Fraiser look on them and they won't say a word."

She stares up at me, disbelief strong in her eyes. "Are you sure?"

I nod and grin. "Of course. And if that doesn't work, just sic some of your pet Marines on them. You know those jarheads will do anything for you." She giggles a little at that, and I feel her relaxing a bit. "Listen. You get yourself dressed again, and I'll run interference for you. Okay?"

She nods slowly, reluctant to let me go. "We can't stay a little longer? You didn't..."

I fix her with a devilishly predatory smile, allowing some of my hunger to show in my eyes. "Why do you think I want to get home?"

She grins at that and eases away from me, resting on the blanket. Her dark eyes follow hungrily as I move to wrestle the dildo back into my obviously damp jeans. Her hand stops mine, and I watch as she delicately, but quickly licks the erection clean before deftly slipping it into my jeans. I smile and lean over to kiss her thoroughly, then caress her cheek before walking away. I step out of the woods and walk toward the picnic table where our friends are sitting. Sarge and Maria are a bit too wrapped up in kissing each other to pay any attention to me. But Jack and Daniel? Pure comedy. Daniel is staring at me in disbelief, jaw hanging open in his surprise, but looks away when I catch his eye. And Jack? His stare is equal parts disbelieving and envious.

I manage to school my features to an innocent visage, meeting his gaze squarely. "What?" I ask in a neutral tone, almost daring him to ask the question. I know he's dying to know, but he doesn't have the balls to ask me.

"How long is it gonna take your bitch to get ready, Killer?" he finally asks me, not sure he can really meet my gaze now. "It's gonna be dark soon enough."

I shrug nonchalantly. "Why don't you guys go ahead. We'll be right behind you." As I speak, I see all of their eyes shift to a spot behind me. And then I feel Janet coming up to stand just behind me, carrying the blanket in her arms. I turn to face her. "Hey, baby," I say in a warm tone. "Ready to go?" When she nods, I motion toward the bike with my chin. "Go hop on the back and put your helmet on. We're outta here in a minute. Right, boys?" I smirk at them, then lightly smack her ass with my hand as she turns to do as I've said, making her squeal and scamper off quickly. I watch the others get ready and walk past Jack, stopping long enough to murmur, "You wish you could make your bitch scream like that, Dark Boy."

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