Torment of Two: Moonlight

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognised characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Additional Disclaimer: The lyrics used here are from the song "Slow Dancing" by Lindsey Buckingham, used without permission but with much gratitude to Mr. Buckingham for inspiration.

Author's Notes: Saz wanted something with bonfires and fireworks. I supplied the rest. And people wanted a sequel to "Games." And the song lyrics at the beginning.... Well, let's say I got a totally new inspiration for this story after hearing them....

Dedication: For Saz, because she asked for it....

"Oh the days are short, the nights are long
So someone tell me just how where I belong
. . . . . .
Oh I come up fast, I go down slow
So tell me baby do you want to go
Slow dancing in the moonlight
Want to slow dance with you all night"
-Lindsey Buckingham, "Slow Dancing"

"But, Sam, you promised..."

The blond shook her head. "You told me it would be practically deserted up here this weekend."

"It is!" Janet sighed, exasperated. "They're on the other side of the lake, Sam! They won't see anything."

"There's a full moon," came the stubborn reply. "They'll see us."

"Never took you for a prude, Samantha Carter," she replied, standing and smirking.

"I'm not!" came the indignant reply as blue eyes met brown.

Janet shrugged and pulled her sweatshirt and t-shirt up over her head. "Suit yourself, hon, but I fully intend to take advantage of this. We don't get many nights like this when we can be ourselves instead of being just the Major and the Doc." Her shorts and panties quickly joined the pile of clothes at her feet, then she shook out her long hair, heading toward the lake's edge. She cast a glance back over her shoulder at her lover, who sat there practically pouting. Janet chuckled and began to ease herself into the cool water. When the water hit her knees, she felt her nipples pucker, sighing that Sam was too stubborn to enjoy the show. Wading out further, she felt the water slide up along her thighs, imagining it was Sam's hands, not the chilly water. A shiver of longing ran through her body and she glanced back at Sam again, then an idea began to sprout in her mind. She knew how to get Sam out into the water with her...and how to get her revenge on her lover for that little phone sex stunt a month earlier.

She turned to face her lover, feeling the water splash up between her legs, eliciting a sharp gasp of delight. Taking a step back, she watched Sam closely. She could see the blonde staring at her, but still sitting in a defensive position. Janet knew better than to call out to Sam, that would only attract the attention of the other campers across the lake. She reached her hands down to scoop up some water, holding Sam's gaze, then let it trickle down her body. The cold water, combined with the light breeze, caused goose bumps to form on her skin. Biting her lip, she let the water trickle down her body again, then let her hands follow the contours of her chest. She cupped her breasts, thumbs flicking across her nipples. A low moan escaped her lips, but she continued with her slow exploration of her body.

Sam sat on the shore, back to the fire, and watched Janet in the water. There was enough of a distance between them that she couldn't see Janet's eyes clearly, but she could see enough of her expressions to know how she felt. The moonlight shone down on the brunette, catching the slight blonde highlights in her hair and the beads of water down her body. Sam could see Janet's nipples pointing out toward her and sighed. She wanted Janet so badly, had all day. But she couldn't do this, not with other people that might see them. Didn't matter that they were on Mount Hood, in Oregon, where no one knew them. She was still worried about getting caught.

Her eyes followed hungrily as Janet scooped up water and trickled it down her body, her hands following, moving lower. She watched the nimble fingers tease and pinch the dark rose nipples and felt her own stiffen in response. More water was poured down the slight body, enough that Sam knew Janet had gooseflesh all over her. And still Janet's hands slid along the lightly tanned flesh, teasing and tormenting both herself and Sam. She wanted Janet, more than anything, but her fear of being found out stopped her.

Out in the water, Janet found that the more water she trickled over her body, the more aroused she felt. She stared at Sam, silently willing her lover to join her, and let her left hand slide down from her nipple to tease lightly through the auburn curls between her legs. She bit her lower lip, trying not to cry out and bring attention to her little show. And she did want to give Sam a show. Trickling yet more water over her body, Janet began to sway her hips, dancing in a slow rhythm for her lover. Her hands slid down her body again, one hand slipping between her legs, then the other hand moved out to beckon Sam with a single crooked finger.

Sam definitely didn't need to see the look in Janet's eyes to know how aroused she was, or how aroused her little show was making her lover. Hell, it had Sam beyond horny, and she wasn't touching that wonderful body. At the simple beckoning, she found herself standing, moving toward the water's edge, eyes trained on the delectable nymph in the water. She was grateful she still wore her Tevas as she stepped into the water. Moving slowly forward, she drew closer and closer to her lover. The fact that she still wore clothes didn't cross her mind until the hem of her walking shorts was soaked. But still she continued toward her lover.

Finally reaching Janet, she stretched out a hand to lightly caress the pink-tinged cheek before leaning in to kiss the soft lips. Sam moaned softly as she felt Janet's tongue slip between her lips, teasing her own. And then a gasp left her lips as cold, wet hands slid up under the sweatshirt and t-shirt, painting delightful spirals along her bare stomach. She sucked in a breath, then leaned in to nuzzle just under Janet's left ear, inhaling the soft perfume before lightly flicking her tongue across the pale flesh. At Janet's soft whimper, she felt the paralysis leave her limbs. Instantly, her hands began to roam along the chilled body of her lover, roaming the well-known curves restlessly, unsure of what she wanted to focus on first.

Gently, Janet's hands slid up under the shirts, cupping around Sam's breasts, lightly kneading. She grinned as the nipples pressed into her palms, then leaned forward, pushing the shirts up, and took one of the nipples between her lips. She grinned against Sam's flesh at the delighted groan, then switched to the other nipple. Her hands slid down to rest on the slim hips, then one slipped within the waistband. She felt Sam's shiver, but continued, her lips returning to the other nipple again. A soft sigh escaped her lips as her fingers encountered the warm wetness between Sam's legs. She, she **needed** more.

Moving slowly, she began to kiss a path down Sam's stomach, fingers fumbling with the buttons of Sam's fly, hissing slightly as she lowered herself into the cold water. Finally opening all five buttons, she slid the shorts down into the water, ignoring the squeak of protest from her lover. She continued to kiss her way thru the damp blonde curls, then flicked her tongue out to slip between the aroused lips, seeking out the sensitive spots quickly.

When Sam realized what Janet was doing, she was elated and terrified at the same time. She'd never been one to be quiet when Janet went down on her like this, but she always had pillows.... Now she was standing in the water, up to just above her knees, under a full moon, with people across the lake. How the hell was she going to keep quiet? She struggled to pull Janet away, to head back to the camp, but Janet wouldn't let go. Sam whimpered softly, stuffing the end of her sweatshirt into her mouth.

Janet's tongue was not still, roaming all over her lover's sex, lapping at the tart sweetness, nibbling at the lips, teasing her clit. She knew well about Sam's propensity for screaming under her ministrations, but she couldn't help it. Sam had made her scream in her office, she'd make Sam scream out here. Just revenge.... Gently, she began to tease Sam's clit more and more, slipping two fingers into her lover's warmth. Curling her fingers just so, she managed to brush that special spot each time she pulled her fingers out, timing it so that her tongue added extra pressure to Sam's clit at the same time.

In no time, Sam found herself struggling to stand, struggling to keep quiet, struggling to breathe. She wanted nothing more than to come, but didn't want to be detected. She whimpered softly, encouraging her lover, hips rolling toward Janet's face. God, she wanted this, wanted it badly, and suddenly found the need for secrecy a major turn-on. It took all her self-control not to scream out when Janet slid a single finger into her anus, adding to the delicious burn building in her belly. The combination of fingers and tongue was rapidly sending her over the edge. And when she came, she saw stars exploding behind her eyelids.

Until she remembered she hadn't closed her eyes.

Fireworks. Those people across the lake had brought fireworks. Oh sweet Jesus, fireworks meant noise.

"Oh god!" she cried out, voicing her desire as she came. Her words happened to coincide with a particularly big display of red and purple fireworks. She shuddered against Janet's mouth and hands, crying out softly. And then it was over, and Janet was kissing her way up her stomach. "Janet," she whimpered.

"Shh," came Janet's soft voice, hands pulling the sweatshirt and t-shirt down over her body, tugging the soaked shorts up her hips. "Let's get you back up to the camp. You need to get out of your wet shorts and we both need to get into something warm."

Sam let Janet lead her back up to the fire and stood there as the smaller woman quickly undressed, dried, and redressed her in warm fleece sweats. Then she stoked the fire, watching as Janet did the same to herself. A sweet lethargy stole over her as Janet slipped into her arms to kiss her. Pulling back from the kiss to watch the fireworks, Sam held Janet close, glancing down as her lover began to chuckle. "What?" she asked softly.

"It's gonna be a bitch to top this, Sam," came the reply as liquid chocolate eyes met hers. "I mean, dancing under a full moon and making you see stars?"

Sam's face broke out into a wide grin. "It'll be fun trying, won't it?"

. . . . finis . . . .

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