Because I Said You Need to Learn Patience

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognised characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Author's Notes: It started out as a simple little drabble to test the waters of writing m/m slash. And it blossomed into an 800 word story that's got me wanting to do more....

Dedication: To Rae, for egging me on to finish it....And to Chapman, for giving me that Garak/Bashir challenge so long ago, that I'm gonna finish, now that I'm no longer a slash virgin....

A soft moan punctuated his question. "But -- why, Jack?"

"Because," came the murmured reply around his nipple. "I can."


The whine only brought about a chuckle, and a renewed teasing of the nubbin of flesh between Jack's lips. His fingers trailed lightly down the trembling torso, slipping into the worn sweats to claim his prize. Clutching lightly, his thumb teasingly glided over the tip, eliciting a soft gasp from his lover.

"Jack, don't tease! I promise I won't--"

Jack claimed his lips to silence him, then moved down to flick his tongue over his prize.

"Oh god, Jack! Please!"

Slowly, ignoring Daniel's fervent cries, Jack continued to flick his tongue lightly over his lover's erection. He paid special attention to that one little spot near the base, the tiny scar that was oh so sensitive.

"Jesus, Jack! Are you TRYING to kill me?"

Chuckling softly, he continued to tease the tiny scar. Finally, to keep Daniel from moving and ruining his fun, he placed a heavy arm over the man's hips. "Steady, Danny, or I'll stop."

"Jack, please, I'm begging you. Whatever it was, I won't do it again. Or if I didn't do something, I promise I will."

"What did I tell you, Danny boy?"

"Be quiet and enjoy myself?"

"Right," Jack replied, returning to Daniel's tantalizing erection.

"But how am I supposed to enjo-ho-oy - Oh god!" Daniel's voice rose a notch as Jack's lips engulfed his balls for a moment. He bit his lower lip, trying to remain still. It was even harder to remain silent when Jack was playing such dirty pool with him. But he'd be damned if he'd let Jack stop now. Carefully, he reached out to rest a hand on Jack's head, but the older man just kept up what he was doing.

Jack's gentle hum while mouthing his balls nearly sent Daniel over the edge. Unbidden, his hips arched up, just enough to startle Jack, who leaned back, accidentally pulling on what was in his mouth. Daniel's yelp reminded him to open his mouth.

"Sorry, Spacemonkey," he murmured, gently laving the painful flesh.

Glancing up at Daniel, he grinned. Despite the pain, there was a definite look of lust in his blue eyes. Jack returned to his task, seeking out that little scar again. Daniel's whimper spurred him on to gently kiss his way back up, then lick the drops of precum beaded there.

Removing his arm, Jack began to slide his mouth along the length of Daniel's erection, tongue swirling about the wonderfully hard flesh. His hands weren't idle tho'. One slid up to tease the tiny, sensitive nipples, eliciting a soft groan of appreciation from Daniel. The other slid lower, teasingly moving lightly over his perineum, which brought a loud groan from the man. Jack chuckled, the sound vibrating around Daniel's erection.

"Jack," came the tortured whimper.

The older man ignored his whimper, and let his finger glide lower, slipping over the puckered opening lightly. Daniel's shiver of delight goaded him on.

Daniel did his best to follow Jack's simple orders, but found it increasingly difficult as Jack triggered all of his erogenous zones. He wanted Jack to hurry up and let him come somehow. He didn't care how at this point: blowjob, hand job, a good fucking. It didn't matter. He just wanted to come for his lover.

The tip of Jack's finger was wiggling its way across his anus, never staying in place long enough for him to try for penetration, which was driving Daniel even more insane.

"Danny?" came Jack's soft voice. "Tell me what you want."

"To come."

"And how would you like that?" came the husky question, one hand on his erection, the other below, before his lips descended on a nipple again.

"Don't care," Daniel whimpered. "Just let me come, Jack."

"Not so soon, Danny boy. What did I tell you?" The question is punctuated by short, sharp movements of both hands, causing Daniel to arch up toward him.

"Teach me - a lesson."

"Mm-hmm," came the reply as Jack kissed his way back down to Daniel's erection. His lips enveloped the turgid flesh again, as his finger hovered over Daniel's anus, throat closing around his erection.

Slowly, Jack brought Daniel to the brink of orgasm again, using only his lips, teeth, and throat. Focused on Jack's mouth, Daniel lost track of the finger that slipped into his anus. When he realized what happened, his body was tense with the need to finally come. "Oh god, Jack," he whimpered, hips beginning to buck wildly. "Please...."

"I know," he whispered before the lips engulfed him again. Jack's throat contracting rhythmically, finger pressing against his prostate.

Daniel's hips shot up and he came, crying out Jack's name.

Jack held him close as he came down.

"So, you learn anything?"