Alternate Jealousy: A Different Point of View

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognised characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Author's Notes: My friend, the Red Queen, was promised a Sam/Jack/AU-Sam story, and this was the best thing I could think of to accomplish what I'd promised.

Many thanks to my betas, Linz and Ann, for helping out with this one.

Dedication: Dedicated to the Red Queen, who loves Sam with long hair....

Sam watched her CO walk away, then turned to stare down the other way, toward her counterpart's temporary quarters. After a moment's contemplation, she made her way down the hall to knock lightly on the closed door.

"Come in," came the muffled reply.

Sam stepped into the dimly lit room. Allowing her eyes to adjust, she said, "I was just wondering if you'd like to join me in the commissary for something to eat?" Only after she said it did she noticed the untouched tray.

"I'm really not very hungry," Samantha replied, hoping her voice wouldn't betray her again. "Ja - Colonel O'Neill left the tray for me, but...."

Sam bit her lower lip, catching the photograph on the nightstand. **My god, they look so happy,** she thought wistfully. "I understand," she said softly, moving closer. "But if you don't eat, Janet will have your hide." She relaxed a bit as Samantha chuckled at her comment.

"Yeah, so would my Janet. Then again, she'd probably be lecturing me about being just as stubborn as Jack." Again, her voice trailed off and Sam watched as her eyes returned to the photograph.

Sam moved closer, sensing something in her counterpart. "What was he like? Your husband?"

Samantha finally looked up at her, motioning toward the end of the bed. As Sam sat down, Samantha passed her the photograph. "My Jack was an incredible man. We met just after the first Abydos mission. Oh, I'd fought to be on that first mission, but it didn't pan out. At that first debriefing, he gave me all kinds of grief for being a 'know-it-all scientist.' I wanted to kill him," she said, smiling as Sam handed back the picture. "Instead, I ended up falling in love with him. He was exactly the opposite of what I thought I wanted in a man. He was stubborn, arrogant, sarcastic, short-tempered when he got frustrated-"

"Which I'm sure he was often like around you?" Sam offered, mirroring her counterpart's smile.

"Oh my yes. He'd always complain about 'that damned scientist,' but he always managed to find himself in my lab for no apparent reason. So one day, I finally asked him to a hockey game."

"YOU asked him out first?" Sam was stunned. She'd never have the guts to do that.

Samantha looked at her, smiling. "Yes, I did, and he was so stunned, he was speechless for several minutes. Then he just nodded and hightailed it out of my lab. Charlie came in a little while later, demanding to know what I'd done to his best friend."

By now, the two women were laughing hard enough for tears to appear in their eyes. Sam stretched out a hand to touch Samantha's arm for balance. "From the photograph, it looks like you and he were very happy together," she finally said gently.

Samantha nodded, looking down. "Not long before the Goa'uld attacked, we'd begun talking about having children." She sighed heavily. "Oh, I loved him so much," she whispered, shuddering to contain a sob.

Instantly, Sam pulled the scientist into her arms, holding her as pent-up tears tumbled down the alabaster cheeks to soak into her shirt. "I'm sorry," she murmured, gently stroking the long hair. The soothing touch only caused Samantha to cry harder, clinging to the other blonde. "It's okay," Sam continued, not sure what else to say, fingers still moving across and through the long, pale hair.

After a moment, she felt a change in the sobbing woman; a tensing of muscles that brought a similar reaction in herself. Leaning back, she tilted the lowered head to gaze into blue eyes so like her own. Sensing the need, she suddenly leaned in to brush her lips across her twin's.

Neither woman could have expected the jolt that went through their bodies at that light touch. And yet, neither chose to fight it. Sam pulled Samantha to her, lips seeking hers again, hoping to ease the pain and grief her counterpart felt. Tongues touched and teased as the women drew closer still. Sam let instinct take over, and felt her hands move along the other woman's body. Fingers from one hand tangled in the long blonde tresses, while her other hand moved to surround a full breast. She'd never done this before, but it felt so natural. When she did think about it, which she tried not to, she tried to remember what SHE liked, then translated that to the woman in her arms.

Briefly she wondered whether Samantha was even aroused by the same things as she was, but that left her mind as she felt hands beginning to unbutton her shirt, lips descending along her neck. She whimpered softly, temporarily forgetting to continue comforting Samantha as her own arousal flared into being. She leaned her head back, eyes fluttering closed, and removed her hands from her twin's body only to allow the removal of her shirt and t-shirt.

"Oh my." The soft murmur temporarily broke her reverie, forcing her to open her eyes questioningly. "Your tattoo," came the answer, one of Samantha's fingers lightly tracing the brightly colored wings.

An odd sense of pride filled Sam at the woman's awe. "You don't have one?" she asked in the same soft tone.

Samantha shook her head. "I don't think I could handle the pain of it, to be honest."

"It's really not all that bad, Samantha," she replied, letting her fingers unzip the other woman's jumpsuit. "What got to me the most was the itching as the skin healed afterward." She slipped the top from the woman's body - her twin, she realized - and was delighted to see the expanse of alabaster skin. She leaned in to take possession of the dark lips again, gently pressing the woman back to lie on the bed. Shifting her weight over her twin, she slipped her hands down to fumble with the front closure of the bra. Peeling back the soft, white material, she leaned in to gently enclose a pale nipple within her lips.

"Oh god, Sam," she heard the woman moan breathlessly. "That's - oh god!" came a moment later as she lightly bit the nipple.

Sam felt a definite delight coursing through her at her lover's obvious desire. So far, they shared the same desires. Switching to offer the same treatment to the other nipple, she felt Samantha shift slightly, spreading her legs in an attempt to settle Sam between them. Acquiescing, Sam shifted her own hips to press herself against the warmth radiating from Samantha's groin, fingers gliding into the waistband of her pants.

~ ~ ~

Jack felt uneasy about how he'd left Samantha Carter earlier. He knew she'd been upset and wanting comfort from him, but he'd felt rather uncomfortable attempting to be a poor substitute for the husband she'd lost. He had to admit he'd left her rather unceremoniously, then had that run-in with his Sam Carter. And THAT had really thrown him for a loop. After seeing that wedding photo of the obviously happy couple, then trying unsuccessfully to console the bereft widow, THEN running into the major he had his own feelings for, it all conspired against his sense of self and he'd had to get away. Instantly, following an old pattern he thought he'd gotten over, Jack had gone in search of his former best friend: Charlie Kawalsky. He'd questioned the man about his deceased counterpart, tried to assuage his guilt over the death of this reality's Kawalsky. And he came away from that long talk with a plan.

So now Jack found himself outside Dr. Samantha Carter's guest quarters. He could hear soft cries and moans, and felt guilt rising up in his throat again at abandoning the woman. He knocked lightly on the door, but received no answer other than the soft cries. When a second, louder knock revealed the same response, he grew worried and tried the doorknob.

The door opened, allowing him entrance into the still-dim room. But what he saw made Jack O'Neill stop dead in his tracks to stare, only having enough sense to close the door to other eyes. Before him on the bed, Jack could see the two naked women in obvious sexual delight, causing his own body to react in kind.

Samantha Carter leaned back against the pillows, legs up and bent to either side, allowing Sam Carter's body to nestle between them. Samantha's fingers were tangled in the short locks of her twin, holding the bobbing head between her legs, hips rising to meet Sam's face. Her body was covered in a light sheen of sweat, her breasts quivering with each thrust of her hips.

He forced his eyes to the other blonde on the bed, just as naked as the first. He forced himself to take a step to the side, attempting to drag his eyes from the firm, rounded globes of her ass stuck straight up in the air. Her hands were splayed across the hips of her twin, attached to arms wound under the pale thighs on either side of her head. Brief glimpses of her face showed a gleaming sheen, no doubt a testament to the desire that had grown between the two women. His eyes trailed along her spine to return to her hips and muscled legs. It was then he noticed the glistening trails along her inner thighs, blatant evidence of her own arousal.

His pants were suddenly very tight and uncomfortable, his erection straining for freedom, for the chance to slide between either set of pale, damp thighs. But he hadn't been invited here. He started to move away, as quietly as possible, when Samantha's eyes popped open and focused on him. Stretching out a hand, she beckoned him closer, whimpering softly. Jack walked toward her, watching her writhe under Sam's ministrations, hearing her cries of delight. As one of his hands stretched out to take hers, he let his other hand lightly trail along Sam's spine.

Sam's head shot up at the touch, then she took in the sight of the man standing next to her. "Sir?" she rasped, desire and propriety now warring within her.

Jack tore his gaze from Samantha's eyes to look at Sam. His heart nearly stopped at the desire in her eyes. "I think you'd better finish what you've started there, Sam," he replied in a low voice, then grabbed her chin to stop her. "But first, I need to do this...." With that, he brought his lips to hers, kissing her deeply. He groaned at the taste of Samantha on Sam's tongue, then forced himself to pull away and, pressing her head back to its task, he leaned up to kiss Samantha.

Sam watched as Jack kissed her twin, feeling her own desire growing again, then returned to her previous task. Her lips surrounded Samantha's clit, tongue alternately pressing hard against it, then flicking lightly across it. She knew her twin had been close to an orgasm, and now that Jack was there, she felt an overwhelming urge to make it stronger.

"Sam," her twin whimpered, head leaning back against the wall as Jack nipped his way down her throat. It was clear by her tone, and her wildly spasming hips, that Samantha was very close. "Please."

Sam pressed her thumb tightly against Samantha's clit, her eyes meeting her twin's. "No, I've already had the pleasure twice. Maybe Jack?" She knew she was risking a lot by using his first name.

Her breath hitching, Samantha nodded. "Please, Jack?" she moaned.

Instead of replying, he moved over to Sam, lifting her to stand before him. His eyes took in her contours, then met her bright eyes. "You are so beautiful," he murmured, leaning in to claim her lips again. His hands cupped her ass, pulling her closer, finding he was unable to get enough of her.

Sam felt his arousal through his pants, then pulled back from the kiss. She smiled at his confusion. "You've got way to many clothes on for this party, Jack," she teased, unbuttoning his shirt.

"Can't have that, now can we?" he replied, then looked at Samantha. He could see she was so close to coming. "Samantha," he said softly, catching her attention. "Touch yourself for me."


"No but's, just do it, Samantha."

"Okay, Jack," came the soft reply.

Jack was quickly accepting the fact that he was in heaven....or dreaming. It was a fantasy come true. His eyes followed Samantha's hands as they trailed down her body. He was barely aware of Sam removing his clothes, but felt the air against his skin, accompanied by soft kisses. He let out a groan as Sam's lips closed around his erection, then wound his fingers into her short hair, eyes closing.

The soft whimper brought his gaze back to Samantha. Her fingers moved quickly over her slick skin, hips rocking toward an invisible lover....toward him. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut, mouth open to moan and gasp.

"Come for me, Samantha," he said softly, and was rewarded with a cry of pleasure as she climaxed.

"Jack!" she cried out, and stretched out a hand toward him. The raw need in her now-open eyes sent Jack over the edge, pumping wildly into Sam's mouth and crying out her name.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Jack stood outside Sam's apartment. Ever since he'd helped Charlie and Samantha get back to their reality, Sam had been acting strangely, avoiding him at all costs. If she spoke to him, it was mission-related only. And on their first night of downtime, she'd given a flimsy excuse to get out of the regular poker game. And now, it was two days later, and she still hadn't left her apartment.

He knocked lightly on the door, and heard her call something. A moment later, the door opened to reveal Sam in running shorts and an oversized "Property of USAF Academy" t-shirt.

"Colonel! Sir!" she said, startled to see him. "Uhh, come on in, Sir." She stepped back to let him walk past her, catching a whiff of his aftershave. Her knees began to weaken at the scent, but she shored up her courage and closed the door. "Is there a problem, Sir?"

Jack stopped, took in the immaculate look of the living room. Oh yeah, she was definitely upset about something all right. The last time her apartment had been this clean was after she'd discovered her father was dying of cancer, then got him to become a Tok'ra host. "Actually, Carter," he began, then stopped. He turned to face her. "Sam, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Sir," came the quick reply as she brushed past him.

Jack caught her arm, effectively stopping her. "Sam, please don't lie to me. You've been avoiding me like the plague for over a week now, ever since we returned Kawalsky and Samantha to their reality." He saw her stiffen at the name. "Is that it? Is this somehow related to Samantha?" Sam said nothing, staring out the patio door, but he could see her struggling to maintain emotional control. "Sam, do you regret what happened?" he asked softly.

"No - Yes - I don't know," she replied, pulling her arm out of his grasp. She moved into the living room, pacing, and could feel his eyes on her.

"If it matters at all, I don't regret it, " he finally said. "Not one minute of it."

Sam turned to face him, a combination of emotions on her face: fear, relief, anger. "You don't regret it? You don't regret ANY of it?"

"Not a single moment, Sam." He took a step closer.

"So you don't regret sending her back? Not even for a second?" The relief was oddly gone from her eyes.

"She didn't belong here, Sam. This isn't her reality. In her reality, her husband is dead and the Goa'uld were taking over Earth."

"And you're just like her husband."

"And? So I'm just like him. You're just like her in a lot of ways, too. What's your point, Sam?"

She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "With all due respect, Sir, are you really that dense that I need to spell it out for you?"

At first stunned by her response, he quickly realized exactly what was going on and bit back a smirk, quipping, "Yeah, Sam, why don't you spell it out for me. I don't think I can grasp the subtleties of your jealousy just yet."

She stared at him in disbelief. "What?"

"I'll assume all of this has something to do with that last kiss between Samantha and me?"

"I don't-"

"Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about, Sam. I know you way better than that."

She stood there silently for a long minute, then turned to face him, but she wouldn't meet his gaze. "Why?" came the soft question. Jack started to answer when she continued. "Why did you kiss her?"

"It seemed like the right thing to do, Sam. And we both knew nothing more would come of it. Samantha even said as much. I'm not her husband....and she's not you."

Now Sam's eyes lifted to search his. "What are you saying, Sir?"

"Considering what we've done, don't you think we're past using ranks?" When she didn't answer, he moved to guide her to the couch. "Sam, I don't understand why you're so jealous of that kiss between Samantha and me."

"In her reality, you married her. How can I think to compete with that?"

"You aren't. That was her reality, this is ours. And if I get any say in the matter, I fully intend to do what I can to make you happy."

She stared at him again. "But-"

"But what, Sam? Did you think I joined you and Samantha just because of her? Or just to fulfill some typical male fantasy about two women?" She looked away, cheeks coloring in embarrassment. "Sam, if you remember everything that happened, you'll realize that other than kissing her, I never really touched Samantha. You were the one that I made love to, Sam, not her. You were the one that I **wanted** to make love to, not her."

"But the regulations-"

He sighed, trying not to chuckle. "It's kind of late for that, isn't it, Sam? I mean, if that was really a consideration for you, you wouldn't have done anything that took place in that room, would you?" She started to protest, then closed her mouth and simply shook her head. "Okay, so then I don't understand why you're like this now?"

"I don't know. I just - You have no idea how I felt when I saw you kissing her."

"Yes, I do, Sam. It was the same way I felt when I walked in to see you making love to her. I wanted you to have that sort of enthusiasm to make love to ME." He couldn't help smiling at her surprised look. "You didn't think I had any feelings for you?" When she shook her head, he chuckled and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Sam, I'm not the kind of man who sleeps with just anyone, okay? I only do it if I really have feelings for the woman. And I do have feelings for you, okay? I was happier than hell when we made love that night, and grateful as hell to Samantha for facilitating it."

"But she didn't instigate anything, Jack," came the soft reply.

Jack slipped his fingers beneath her chin, tipping her face up to gaze into her eyes. "It doesn't matter to me, Sam. All that matters is that it ended up allowing me to fulfill a fantasy I've had ever since you first walked into that briefing room and stood up to my men and me."

"That long? Really?" She smiled at that thought.

"Oh yeah," he replied, chuckling, and gazed into her eyes. Then he leaned in to brush his lips lightly across hers. He hadn't intended it to go any farther, wanting only to allay her guilt over their lovemaking. But the feel of her lips beneath his brought his feelings for her to the surface, and he found himself wanting her all over again. He did his best to restrain himself, but when Sam wound her arms tightly around his neck, nipping at his lower lip, he pulled back to stare at her. "Are you sure about this, Sam?" he rasped, wanting nothing more than to push her back onto the couch and prove his ardor. But he wasn't about to push her into anything she didn't want to do either.

She leaned in for another long, sweet kiss, then stared up into his dark eyes and smiled lazily. "Oh, I'm sure, all right. Make love to me, Jack."

He grinned broadly. "Well, now I've never been one to disregard the needs of a beautiful woman, particularly this woman in my arms."

Sam grinned in response. "So, Flyboy, you gonna be able to survive this couch?"

Rather than respond, he stood and scooped her up into his arms, heading off toward her bedroom, his lips capturing hers once again. Stepping into the bedroom, Jack carefully lowered Sam to her feet, lips seeking hers once again. His hands gently gripped her hips, holding her close for a moment before sliding under the hem of her t-shirt to warm her bare skin.

Sam whimpered as his fingers slid up the length of her back, then giggled as he pulled back from the kiss to stare at her questioningly, fingers teasing the skin where her bra should have been.

"So you WERE expecting me," he murmured, smirking. "Sweet."

"Sure, Jack," she replied, "whatever you sa-" Her words were cut off by a loud gasp as Jack's hands moved around to cup her breasts, his rough palms gently chafing her sensitive nipples. Her eyes fluttered shut, and she let her head fall backwards to expose her pale throat.

Jack tugged the shirt up and over her head, then leaned over to pull a pert nipple between his lips, once again holding her hips. Gently, he suckled and flicked his tongue over the sensitive flesh, grinning at her whimpers.

"Jack," she moaned as he switched to tease her other nipple. "God, please," came a moment later as his fingers hooked into the waistband of her boxers and began tugging them down her long legs. She forced her eyes open to watch Jack kneel before her, pulling away from her chest to ease the boxers from her feet. A deep flush suffused her face and chest as she felt Jack's eyes take in her naked form. For whatever reason, she found his perusal of her body now to be far more erotic than it had been the first time he'd gazed at her nakedness.

"God, Sam, you are so beautiful," he murmured, pressing reverent lips to her stomach. Inhaling, he could smell her arousal, increasing his own. Unable, and unwilling, to stop himself, he kissed his way down through the damp patch of curls, holding her hips to balance her as she shifted her legs open. Gently he nuzzled his way between her thighs, tongue lapping up the first drops of her desire. With the careful precision of an attentive and worshipful lover, Jack tenderly reacquainted himself with her sensitive flesh. When his tongue flicked across her clit, causing Sam's body to twitch, he grinned and repeated the action.

Sam felt the tremors deep within and knew she wouldn't be able to withstand the coming onslaught. "Jack," she whimpered. "Jack, I can't keep standing. I'm gonna fall."

Without stopping, Jack eased her legs over his shoulders, bringing her closer, and slipped his hands around to support her back and buttocks. As her fingers wound into his hair, whether for support or to hold him close, Jack sucked her clit between his lips and began to hum, knowing it would send her over the edge. He kept up his gentle assault as she cried out his name, her body arching toward his as she came.

Quickly, Jack slid out from beneath her, scooping her up into his arms, then placing her on the bed. He shed his clothes, eyes never leaving hers, then moved to join her on the bed. He lightly brushed his lips across hers as he pulled her into his arms.

"I want you," she murmured, weakly lifting a leg up over his.

"No problem," came his reply as he gently slid into her, rolling over on top of her. As he felt himself fill her, he kissed her again, then began a slow, easy rhythm with his hips.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Sam lifted her own hips to meet his. "More, Jack," she begged, nipping at his lower lip. "Deeper."

Willingly, he complied, groaning as she began flexing her inner muscles around him. Not only did he lengthen his strokes, he quickened them, feeling his own desire growing. His lips latched onto her nipple again, his fingers sliding between them to tease her still-sensitive clit.

"Yes!" she cried, body spasming against him. "Oh god, Jack! Faster, Jack! Oh please, I'm so - God!"

Jack sped up, grunting as he slammed into her, then he suddenly flipped them over, so she was on top. Climax imminent, Sam sat up and began to ride him, impaling herself on his rigid member. He barely kept his hands on her hips for guidance, and groaned as he watched Sam's hand trail down to attack her clit.

"Come on, baby," he groaned through gritted teeth, his own hips rising up to push himself further into her. "Come for me, Sam. Come on, baby, come for me."

With a strangled cry of his name from her lips, Sam came, spasming around him as she continued to move her hips up and down. The fierce clamping around his erection brought his own climax about as he shot his seed deep into her clutching flesh.

Sam fell forward, unable to keep herself upright, and nuzzled against his chest. "Oh god, Jack," she finally murmured as she yawned.

Trying to catch his breath, Jack pressed his lips lightly to the top of her head. "Shh," he mumbled in reply. "Sleep now, talk later."

~ * ~ * ~ *

Sam whimpered softly in her sleep, fingers clutching at the sheets to either side of her. "Oh yes, Jack," she whispered. "Yes, Jack, more! Oh god, harder, Jack! I'm so close!" Then suddenly, she woke up, crying out Jack's name as she came. Her climax was so strong and so sudden, she began to cry.

"Shh, it's okay, Sam," Jack murmured, stroking her back. "You're okay. I've got you."

"Jack?" Sam whimpered.

"I know," he replied, gently easing into her. He let her determine their rhythm, gently kissing away her tears. All speech stopped as they slowly made love, allowing only soft sighs and gasps until they climaxed. Once again, Jack held Sam close, gently caressing her back. "Have I mentioned how beautiful you are, Sam?"

"Maybe," came her soft reply. "But I wouldn't mind hearing it again." She lifted her head to gaze into his eyes.

"You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, Sam Carter. I don't know what I did to get you into my life, but I'm damned happy about it."

"Thank you, Jack," she murmured, settling against his chest again.

They lay there in companionable silence for a few moments, until Sam was almost lulled back to sleep by Jack's gentle hand on her back. Then he spoke.

"Um, Sam? Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, Jack," she replied.

"So, um, what - Ahh - How did it feel to fuck yourself?"

Sam pulled back suddenly to stare at him. "What?"

He could see she was trying desperately not to laugh at him. "Exactly what I asked. I mean, in a way that's what you were doing, you know. I mean, physically there's like only the hair that's least from what I could see."

She debated his question for a moment, then smiled and lightly slapped his chest. "You ask the strangest questions at the strangest times, you know that?"

"Ya think?" came his sarcastic reply, tho' the look in his eyes was serious.

She smirked, then leaned in to kiss him lightly. "It was kind of strange, but kind of erotic in its own way. I mean, she liked a lot of the same things I like, so it made it easier to please her." She paused a moment, then looked at him again. "So what was it like to watch me basically fucking myself?" She nearly choked on her laughter at his expression, coupled with his "sleeping" member waking again.

"Ahhhh....Do I have to answer that?" he asked, avoiding her gaze, but he felt her nod. Taking a deep breath, he met her gaze. "It was probably the hottest, most incredible thing I've ever seen. I was more than happy to join you both. But once I kissed Samantha and realized rather quickly that she WASN'T you, all I wanted was to make you happy. Granted, I was enjoying myself watching you both, especially when-"

"Oh yeah!" she said quickly, covering his mouth with hers. When she pulled back from the kiss, she smiled at him. "I know what you're talking about. It was definitely something I'll never forget. I mean, how often can you claim to have been making love to your twin while the man of your dreams is making love to you?"