What Urgo Said

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognised characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Author's Notes: I just had to do it. No other reason for it. I guess you could say Urgo made me do it. <eg>

"This looks like a good place to stop," Janet stated, slowing the motion of her feet. "Don't you think?"

Sam's feet stopped their pedaling as she looked around to see they were in the middle of the lake. She glanced back to see Cassie playing with the girls she'd met, carefully supervised by the lifeguard on duty. Returning her gaze to Janet, she smiled and leaned back. "Perfect," she purred, content to be in the sunshine.

Janet watched Sam for a long moment before following suit. She'd been the one to suggest this trip, even rented the rowboat, but at the last minute Sam had suggested the paddle boat instead, so the two of them could explore the lake while Cassie played with her new friends. She began to relax, allowing her mind to drift to the night before, their first night of the trip. It had been interesting, to say the least. She'd felt Sam's eyes following her more than often than usual. Every time she'd caught Sam staring at her, she noticed that Sam would blush deeply and look away, pretending to find interest in something else. She could tell that the blonde was hoping the lowered lighting from the fireplace was hiding her blushes. Janet had found it oddly amusing...comforting in a way. And then she realized that Sam had been looking at her like that a lot more lately. Could it be possible...?

Janet lay there for a few moments, then felt Sam moving next to her. Peering through her lashes, she watched Sam strip off her t-shirt, revealing the flattering black bathing suit beneath. Janet surreptitiously took in the curves the suit enhanced, then closed her eyes again when Sam sat up again.

"Janet? Would you mind?" she asked, holding out a tube of sunblock.

Janet smiled and took the tube. "Of course. Can't have you getting burnt, can we? What sort of doctor would I be to allow that?" she teased, then began to spread the lotion onto Sam's back and arms. She pointedly sidestepped the blonde's chest, handing the tube to the younger woman for that. "There you go," she said in a low, husky voice. "All done except for your front, but I think you can handle that yourself."

Sam smiled. "Thanks, Janet." Janet lay back, closing her eyes as Sam finished applying the sunblock. The blonde settled back down, using her shirt as a pillow, trying to stop the strange emotions flitting through her.

After several moments of silence, Janet glanced over at the relaxed blonde. "Sam?"


"What did Urgo say to you that day?"

"What day? He said a lot of things, Janet."

Janet could see her friend's attempt at evading the question. "The day you ran into me and General Hammond. Remember? You suddenly told Urgo he was being rude, then ran off to your lab. You never told me what he'd said."

She watched as Sam's eyes squeezed shut even tighter and she flushed, such a dark red, clear down into the generous cleavage left by her bathing suit. Now she was even more intrigued.

"I, uh, I - I don't remember," Sam stammered.

Janet leaned closer to the blonde. "I think you're lying, Samantha," she said softly.

Sam's eyes snapped open at the soft words so close to her ear. She stared up into Janet's dark eyes, stunned into silence for a long moment. "I-" she replied, cut off by Janet's lips on her own. Her own eyes widened in surprise at the contact, but she never fought it, never **thought** to fight it.

Noting no challenge from Sam, Janet lightly ran her tongue along the pale lips beneath hers. She grinned as Sam shivered, lips parting to gasp. Janet seized the moment and deftly slipped her tongue into Sam's mouth. She smiled as the blonde moaned and lifted a hand to pull Janet's head closer. **So I was right,** she thought, then allowed herself to be lost in the kiss.

When she finally pulled away from the kiss, she looked down to see Sam staring up at her with a look of complete and utter desire. She grinned at the younger woman. "Sam?"

"Please don't stop," came the soft whimper.

Janet chuckled at that plea, tracing a finger along Sam's cheek. "Sam, honey, are you honestly saying that? Or is it because you're caught up in the moment?" Janet hoped it wasn't the latter.

Sam bit her lip, thinking. Which was it? She looked up at Janet. "No, Janet, I'm not just saying it because I'm caught up in the moment. I've wanted this for some time now. I just never knew how to approach you...or if you were even interested in me that way."

Janet gently ran her fingers through the short blonde hair. "Oh, Sam, you have no idea how interested I've been, no idea at all."

"Really? I mean, you were married..."

"And I also left him, remember?" She chuckled again at the look of concern on Sam's face. "No, darling, not because of you. I hadn't known you yet. I tried to be a good wife, but it just wasn't where I was emotionally. Besides, he had issues with my career, which I wasn't about to give up." She leaned back, grabbing for Sam's shirt with one hand. "Here, put this on and let's go back to the cabin. I think we have some talking to do."

"Talking? Is that what they're calling it these days?" Sam joked lightly.

Janet grinned at her, sighing as the luscious body was covered again by the shirt. "We do need to talk, Samantha," she said softly. "But I don't see why we can't enjoy ourselves as well."

~ ^ ~ ^ ~

After checking on Cassie and making sure she was all right playing with her new friends, Sam and Janet made their way back to the cabin they'd rented. Stepping in the door, Janet felt herself being pulled back against the wall, her lips covered by Sam's. She wrapped her arms around Sam's neck, giving herself to the kiss. She'd wanted this for so long, and now it was happening. But would it last? But then all coherent thought was banished to the back of her head as she allowed Sam's tongue to slip between her lips. She moaned softly as Sam pulled her closer, then began to nibble at the blonde's lower lip.

"Sam," she murmured, trying to get away from the wall. When Sam continued to kiss her, she pushed lightly. She did her best not to giggle at the confused look on her friend's face. "The wall's not exactly comfortable, honey," she explained. "Besides, I seriously doubt you'll want to be caught out here, naked and in the throes of ecstatic passion, if Cassie should happen to come back early. Right?"

Realization dawned in Sam's eyes, then she startled Janet by picking her up in her arms and carrying her to the room Janet was sharing with Cassie. Almost unceremoniously, she dropped the smaller woman on the bed, then pulled her t-shirt off hastily. Janet lay back, watching as Sam stripped in front of her. She tried not to smirk at the enthusiasm her soon-to-be lover was displaying, choosing instead to take in the pale flesh being exposed before her eyes.

Sam tossed the t-shirt behind her, reaching for the drawstrings of her cut-off sweats. Quickly, she shed the shorts, standing before Janet in her black, low-cut, high-thighed bathing suit. She glanced down at Janet then, uncertainty filling her eyes. Lowering her gaze, she slowly slipped off the straps of her suit, rolling the material down off of her body to pool it at her feet. Timidly she stood there, waiting for Janet's reaction.

Janet knew, could see how nervous Sam was, despite the obvious desire coursing through her. The brown eyes started at Sam's feet, traveled up the length of her long legs, resting briefly at the thatch of dark blonde curls, then continued onward up along her torso to her full breasts and delicately erected nipples, then forced herself up to gaze at the pensive face. "You are incredibly beautiful, Samantha," she said softly.

Sam's eyes raised to meet hers again. "You think so?"

Janet stretched out a hand to the younger woman, beckoning her closer. "I know so, honey." She watched as Sam settled next to her on the bed, then leaned in to gently kiss her lover. "You know," she said, tracing a hand along Sam's side, "I've seen this body in exams before, but never before have you looked as lovely as you do right now." Sam blushed again, causing Janet to smile indulgently and gently kiss her again. "You have no reason to blush. Just because the rest of your team thinks of you as 'one of the guys' doesn't mean you can't be feminine, too."

"I know," came the soft reply. "But this is just so different from what I'm used to."

Janet leaned up on an elbow. "Sam, you don't have to do this if you don't want to. I won't expect you to do anything you're not comfortable with."

"No, it's not that. I just - I've never -"

Janet smiled again. "So we go as slowly as you want. I'm in no hurry, Sam. In fact, I'd prefer to take my time making slow, sweet love to you."

Sam whimpered at that, then reached for Janet's hand. She gently kissed the palm, then curved the fingers around her own left breast. "Please, Janet," she murmured. "Make love to me."

Janet leaned down, capturing Sam's lips again, and gently squeezed her nipple. She moved slowly, building Sam's enjoyment. Her lips found their way to the pert nipples, sucking first one then the other between her lips. She kissed her way down the muscular stomach, delighted by the way the muscles quivered at her touch. Reaching the dark blonde curls, she paused to glance up at the younger woman. Sam's neck was arched, her hands clutching at the blankets to either side, her chest heaving in desire. Janet grinned and kissed lightly just above the thatch of curls, then wove her tongue through the damp curls, working her way lower. As her tongue teased along the outer lips, she felt Sam's legs spread wider to either side. Settling between her legs, Janet spread Sam open with her thumbs, tongue gliding down past the taut button to taste the sweetness below.

"Oh, Janet," Sam moaned at the teasing touch of her tongue.

Janet lightly flicked her tongue across Sam's clit, gently slipping a finger into her wetness. She purred against her lover's sensitive flesh at the tightness. With her free hand, she reached up to tweak a nipple, delighting in the spasms her actions caused on her lover's body. Not yet satisfied, she slipped a second finger in next to the first, and sucked the tiny taut nubbin between her lips. Her tongue wrapped around Sam's clit, applying pressure.

"Janet, please," Sam rasped.

Janet grinned against her lover's flesh and continued to tease her mercilessly. She found herself unable to get enough of Sam's unique flavor. Twisting her hand slightly, she curved her fingers and searched within the wet warmth until she felt Sam's body shudder. Stepping up her tongue's speed, she pressed relentlessly with her fingers until the blonde cried out, her body spasming as her orgasm sped through her. Janet kept up her pace, wishing to prolong her lover's delight. As she felt the shuddering begin to die down, she bit lightly on Sam's clit, eliciting a second, albeit tamer climax. Finally, she felt Sam's hands feebly push at her head. Relenting, Janet slowed her ministrations, then eased up to stretch out next to Sam, lightly kissing her lover.

Sam moaned at the taste of her orgasm on Janet's lips, pulling her closer for a deeper kiss. "Oh wow," she murmured, finally pulling back from the intoxicating kiss. Her eyes connected with Janet's. "Where-? How-? Oh, why can't I find the words?"

"It's okay," Janet replied softly, her hand running lightly along Sam's body. "I was a little speechless my first time, too." When Sam started giggling, she got a confused look on her face. "Sam?"

"Urgo was right," she replied, meeting the curious gaze.

"About what?"

"He said he could tell you'd be good in bed, that you'd make a screamer out of me."

Now it was Janet's turn to giggle, grinning broadly. "I knew there was SOMETHING good about Urgo's presence...."