Jagged Little Pill

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Disclaimers and Thanks

DISCLAIMER: All hail Paramount, supreme ruler and owner of all things Trek. I am merely a fan who likes to borrow the characters for a little therapy now and again. You may distribute this story, but keep this disclaimer and my name attached at all times. And do not change any part of this story whatsoever.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thank you, Alanis Morissette, for creating the album and the songs that inspired this story, especially "Wake Up," which was the original inspiration. All song quotes come from this album, unless otherwise noted. Special thanks go out to Althea, Deb, and Susan of BonC3 for their help in setting up this story's background and continuity.

Glossary of French Terms Used

Track 1:"All I Really Want"
mamman .. mommy
cava? .. how are you?
cherie .. dear
c'est vrai?/c'est vraiment .. is that true?
n'est-ce pas? .. isn't that so?
c'est moi .. it's me
pour .. for
s'il vous plait .. if you please

Track 2:"You Oughta Know"
Mes fleurs, je les donne ici? .. may I put my flowers here?
je t'aime .. I love you
allo .. hello
c'est toi? .. is that you?
oui .. yes

Track 3:"Perfect"
ca boum? .. what's up?
merci .. thank you
permettez-moi? .. allow me?
et maintenant, nous mangeons .. and now, we eat
c'est ca .. there; that's that
c'est rien .. it's nothing; you're welcome
je ne suis pas ta fille maintenant .. I am no longer your girl

Track 4:"Hand In My Pocket"
tante .. aunt
oncle .. uncle

Track 5:"Right Through You"
j'ai faim .. I'm hungry
parsque .. because

Track 10:"Ironic"
ou est mamman? .. where is mommy?
pourquoi .. why?
elle travaille .. she's working
regardes-moi .. look at me

Track 12:"Wake Up"
ca va bien? .. how are you?/are you okay?
ca va tres bien .. I'm wonderful

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