Track 13:Bonus Track [no title given]

"I noticed a letter that sat on your desk
It said, 'Hello, love, I love you so, love,
Meet me at midnight'"

**six weeks later**

Deanna sat patiently as Beverly ran the tricorder over her. Will, on the other hand, paced Sickbay like a caged animal. Beverly chuckled softly, then said in a mock stern voice, "Commander, if you don't stop that pacing, I'm going to kick you out of my Sickbay." She paused, then continued, smiling, "Expectant mothers don't need any extra stress like that."

Will stopped in his tracks, a look of shock on his face, one that complimented the delight on Deanna's face. "Expectant mothers? You mean...?"

Bev nodded, beaming. "Yes, Will, you and Deanna will be having a healthy little addition to your family in about eight months."

"What is it? No! I don't want to know."

Deanna giggled. "I already have an idea, Imzadi. I'll let you know when you're ready," she said, then turned back to Beverly. "You said the baby's healthy?"

"Very healthy. Both mother and child are doing fine. And I can't wait to see him or her when Alyssa performs the delivery," she replied, smiling.

"Alyssa? Why Alyssa?" Will asked, concerned. "Where will you be?"

Bev turned to put her instruments away, so she wouldn't face them, so they couldn't see the look on her face. "Oh, just around."

"What do you mean, 'just around?'" Will asked again. "You have to deliver the baby, Beverly. I mean, nothing against Alyssa, but *you're* the doctor we want to deliver our child."

Deanna intently watched the back of her friend, instinctively knew that she was taking far too long to put her things away. She slid off the biobed and turned Bev around to face her. "Beverly? Why can't you deliver our baby?"

Finally, Bev could contain it no longer. Her smile was so bright, the whole room lit up.

"Because I'll probably be on the next biobed in labor myself."

Deanna's eyes lit up at that. "You're *pregnant*?" Bev nodded. "But I thought you said...."

"I guess the test was wrong. Maybe the Goddess decided to give me another chance. I don't know. All I know is that I am now nearly a month pregnant. And, yes, I know what it is."

"Have you told your husband yet?"

"I'm going to tonight. Please don't let him know I told you first. He'd kill me. But I just couldn't keep it in any longer. I was afraid I'd bust if I didn't tell someone soon."

Deanna hugged her friend tightly. "Oh, Beverly, that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you. When do you plan on telling the captain?"

"Actually, in a few minutes. He should just be reading the message I sent him about now. I guess I should hurry home to meet him. Will you--?"

"Morgan is already coming to our quarters today. We wanted to let you two have your days off alone," Will said, smiling himself. "You can tell her later. Right now, you just go spend time with your husband."

Beverly smiled, kissing him on the cheek. "You are truly a wonderful man, Will Riker. Deanna should thank the Goddess she found and kept you."

Before Deanna could reply, Bev ran out of Sickbay toward her quarters. She entered her quarters and dashed into the bedroom, hurriedly removing her uniform and slipping into a comfortable outfit that she knew her husband liked on her. She finished dressing just as she heard the door swish open.

"Beverly? Where are you? What's this message about?"

She glided out of the bedroom, giggling as his eyes popped out at the sight of her in the low-cut negligee dyed to match her eyes exactly. "Come in here and I'll tell you." And she slipped back into the bedroom to lounge on the bed. Again she giggled when he entered the room and she noticed the bulge beginning to protrude from his uniform pants. He started to crawl onto the bed next to her, but she stopped him with a shake of her head. "Go change into the outfit I set out for you in the bathroom. And don't you come out here till you do."

Dutifully, sighing heavily, he did as she commanded. When he returned a moment later, she smiled at the sight before her. He turned slowly in a circle at the foot of the bed. "You like?"

"I like it," she replied, saying each word slowly, emphatically, as she crawled to the end of the bed. Kneeling up, she kissed him, let his arms pull her closer. Finally, lack of oxygen forced them apart, but he still held her close.

"So what's this surprise you have for me? Surely not sex?" he teased.

"What? Have I become too boring for you in bed, my dear captain?" she teased back.

"Certainly not. But what is your surprise? Why were you so secretive in your message? Where is my surprise? Can I open it now?"

This made Beverly giggle. "I hardly think you can open it now, Jean-Luc. It's not quite ready for that yet."

"What do you mean? What sort of surprise is it?" he asked, confused.

"This." With that single word, she placed his hand on her lower stomach, looking up at him adoringly.

He stared at his hand, then into her eyes, back at his hand, and finally into her eyes again. Now there were tears in his eyes. "You mean?" She nodded. "But how? I thought you couldn't...."

"I guess I was wrong, because in about eight months, Morgan will be getting a new little sister or brother."

"You don't know yet?"

She shook her head. "I thought we'd discover that together, when we're both ready to find out."

"This is wonderful, Beverly. And don't you dare think that this baby is more important to me than you are. No one is more important to me than my sweet, wonderful wife." That said, he pulled her close for another kiss.

And from another dimension, the young man watching them smiled. "My work is done. Good luck, Mom and Dad."


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