Track 6:"Forgiven"

"We all had delusions in our heads
We all had our minds made up for us
We had to believe in something
So we did"

**Late that night**

"Danni?" came the soft question.

"Yes, Morgan?" Deanna asked, still holding the sleepy little girl close.

"Rene is sick, n'est-ce pas?"

"Why do you say that?" Deanna asked, looking down at the girl.

"Parsque Mamman was crying today about him, saying it was her fault he wasn't right. What does that mean, Danni?"

Deanna sighed heavily. She hadn't wanted to be the one to explain this to Morgan, but it seemed she would have to. And then, she'd be having a very long talk with Beverly. She shifted positions so that Morgan sat facing her. The confusion was written so plainly on the small face, and the fear. Taking a deep breath, Deanna said, "Morgan, Rene died today, he went on to be with the Goddess and the God."

"And Nana Felisa?"

"Yes, and Nana Felisa."

"Why? Why did Mamman say he wasn't right?"

"I don't know why he died. Maybe the Goddess wanted him back until we were all ready to take care of him."

"So he's coming back?" A small glimmer of hope was in her eyes.

Deanna sighed again. "I don't think so, little love. It just wasn't right for him to be with us, I guess."

"Why? I wanted him here, and Papa, and Mamman, too. But the Goddess took him away? Why? Will she take me away, too?" Tears began to slip down the tiny cheeks, the lower lip trembling.

Deanna pulled the girl into a tight embrace. "Oh no, love, don't think that. The Goddess wants you here with us, just as we all do."

"But we wanted Rene here, and she took him away." Deanna couldn't deny the logic in the little girl's head. "Mamman said that Rene was wrong. I got three wrong on my spelling test. Will the Goddess take me away because of that? I don't want to go, Danni."

Deanna held her even closer. "You aren't going anywhere, Morgan mine. You're safe and loved, and the Goddess won't take you from that. Things were different for Rene, sweetheart, that's all I can tell you."

And then she heard the door slide open, knew it was to let Will in. "Deanna?" he called softly, thinking Morgan asleep.

"We're in the bedroom, Will," she called, then added telepathically, *It has fallen on my

shoulders to explain the miscarriage to Morgan, and it's not going well. Will you help me?*

*Whatever it takes, Imzadi,* he sent back with a wave of comfort for her. Walking into the bedroom, he put on a big smile and asked, "Morgan, are you still up? Waiting for me to come tuck you in?"

"Oncle Will, do you want me?"

Will was taken aback by that comment, stammered his response. "Of course, I do, Morgan," he replied, pulling her into his arms. He felt her tears soak his shirt, and felt a few of his own rising. "Morgan, you will always be wanted, you know that. We love you, all of us do, and we would be very upset if you weren't here."

"But, what about Rene?"

"Sweetheart, Rene wasn't strong enough." And he looked up into Deanna's tired eyes, knew it was going to be a long night.


"Beverly? Are you still awake?"


"Are you okay? Do you need anything?"

"Fine. No."

Jean-Luc sighed and walked out of the bedroom. He'd tried everything to get her to talk to him, to share in their grief. He sat at the couch, head in his hands, and felt a new spate of tears starting. "Why?" he moaned softly. "Why did you take Rene from me? You are supposed to be a kind, loving God, and yet you take my son from me?"

"Is that all you care about?" The question startled him. He turned to find Beverly standing in the doorway, clothes in disarray, hair disheveled. But the eyes.... Her eyes weren't red-rimmed as his were, as they should have been. They were completely clear. "Is that all you care about?" she repeated in a low, angry voice.

"No, but--"

"Then why are you talking about it? Why aren't you asking God if I'll be okay? All you care about is Rene. If it means you'll start paying more attention to Morgan and me, then I'm glad he's dead." And she spun around back into the bedroom before she saw the shocked look on his face.

"Beverly, that's not what I meant," he finally managed to say, but got no reply. Instead he heard the soft sound of sobs coming from the bedroom.

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