Who'da Thunk It?

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

DISCLAIMER: All hail Paramount, supreme ruler of the Trek legacy. I just borrow their characters from time to time for my amusement, then return them as they were [sort of]. If you want to distribute this, that's fine, just keep my name and this disclaimer attached at all times.

Beverly was startled by the chime at her door. It was late, and she wasn't expecting any visitors. *It's probably Deanna,* she thought to herself. "Come in."

In the darkened room, the woman was just a silhouette framed in the doorway by the light of the corridor. "Dr. Crusher? May I come in?"

Vash. Jean-Luc's little girlfriend. *What the hell?* she thought. "Come in, Vash," she replied, taking another sip of her sherry.

"I'm not disturbing you, am I, Doctor?"

Beverly smiled a warm smile at the brunette. "Of course not. I was just sitting here, reading and having a glass of sherry. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if we could talk. I have a bit of a problem." She seemed nervous, self-conscious.

"Well, Troi is the Ship's Counselor. I"m sure she could help you with your problem."

Actually," Vash replied with a sheepish grin, "she sent me to you."

"Really?" That piqued Bev's interest. "Well, then, have a seat. Would you like some sherry?"

"Yes, I believe I would," she replied, sitting on the other end of the couch. Bev handed her a small glass.

"Thank you, Doctor."

"Please, it's Beverly, like I told you this morning. So what can I help you with?"

"This is good sherry. Where did you get it? And such beautiful crystal." She seemed nervous to Bev. Vash paused, looking down for a moment, then she looked up at the CMO. "I want to talk to you about Jean-Luc."

"What about him?"

"Well, I know you and he are close friends. I mean, he spoke of you so fondly on Risa."

"He did?"

"Yes, he told me about your past history together. I guess...I guess I wanted to ask you about him...and you."

"We are just good friends, Vash, nothing happened between us," Bev said quickly, felt her cheeks flush, thankful that she'd dimmed the lights earlier. She took another sip of her sherry, feeling its warmth spread through her body again. "I mean--"

"I know. He told me that, too, Beverly. And he told me.... I feel as if we've been friends for years now, from what he told me about you, all of you, but you especially."


They talked for hours, it seemed, and put a major dent in the bottle of sherry in the process. The more they talked, the more Bev began to like this dark-haired woman who had caught Jean-Luc's eye. She filled their glasses again, drawing the last drop from the bottle.

Vash lifted her glass. "To Jean-Luc."

Bev raised her glass. "To Jean-Luc's taste in women."

Vash looked at her then. Bev took the scrutiny, felt her cheeks flushing from the sherry and the attention. She met Vash's gaze, noting that Jean-Luc did indeed have good taste -- Vash was strikingly beautiful. Vash smiled at her, a small, secretive smile that the redhead returned.

"You know, this sherry is very good."

"Mm-hmm," Bev replied. "Feel free to have some more. My grandmother will be please to hear her sherry get such compliments."

"So," Vash asked, leaning in conspiratorially, "is it true what Jean-Luc says about you?"

Bev leaned in a bit closer, too, whispering, "I don't know. What does he say?"

"Well...." Vash began, then leaned in even closer, as if to whisper it in her ear. But instead of saying anything, the brunette pressed her lips against Bev's.

Shock registered first, then instinct took over, and the redhead returned the kiss, beginning to deepen it as she tried to slip her tongue into the brunette's mouth. Vash slipped her arms around Bev's neck, as if for support, as the kiss continued. Finally, after a long minute, they pulled back from each other, desperate for oxygen. Vash still clung to Bev, her forehead resting on the redhead's shoulder. Bev could feel the warmth of Vash's breath on her chest. The kiss had stirred in Beverly emotions that had been long-dormant. Vash smiled, took a deep breath to calm her nerves, then leaned down to capture the left nipple between her lips. Bev sighed at the feel of Vash's warm mouth surrounding her stiffening satin-clad flesh.

"Mmmm," she moaned as Vash's tongue slid across her clothed nipple, stroking her hair, gently pressing her head to her chest. Vash's hand was filled with her other breast, massaging lightly for a bit before she began unbuttoning the top and pushed it off Bev's shoulders, exposing her pale upper body. The brunette smiled as her lips reclaimed the exposed nipple, lightly biting and pulling it taut. Bev bit her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. How on earth did Vash know that Bev became so aroused by that simple action? She felt the moisture practically seeping out of her pussy at that.

As if reading her mind, Vash looked up at her. "Mmm," she purred, "you liked that, didn't you?" Bev nodded, not trusting her voice, hypnotized by her eyes. Vash slid her hand between Bev's legs, felt the warm, wet satin at the crotch, and smiled. "So, Jean-Luc *was* right," she murmured.

"What do you mean?" Bev managed to get out. Vash continued stroking between her legs as they talked, slightly pushing the damp material into the opening of her pussy.

"I know you two used to be lovers," Vash murmured in her ear, her warm breath sending shivers up and down the redhead's spine. "And I know exactly what turns you on and pushes you over the edge." And she stretched the other nipple, smiling as Bev whimpered. She slipped her hands into the waistband of Bev's pajama bottoms, sliding them down her hips and off of her body. She held the crotch of the pants up to her face, her eyes locked on Bev's, and inhaled deeply Bev's unique scent.

"What are you going to do?" Bev whispered, then swallowed audibly as Vash licked at the wet satin.

"Use my knowledge to its fullest advantage," she replied, pushing Bev back against the couch. She spread the long dancer's legs and smiled at the glistening wetness at the apex. Vash leaned in, blowing lightly, watching Bev's clit begin to peek out from between her slippery lips. She reached in and gently spread the lips open, saw a pearl of moisture slide down into the crevice of her ass, then leaned in further, touching her tongue to Bev's clit. The redhead began to shudder at the touch, groaning almost painfully. Vash slipped her tongue down into the slippery, moist heat and began lapping up Bev's juices almost greedily, a dying woman at a desert oasis.

"Ohmygod, Vash," Bev sighed over and over, her head tossing back and forth in ecstasy, coming closer and closer to her climax.

Vash switched then to watch the redhead's orgasm, replacing her tongue with her fingers, her thumb working over Bev's clit. "Jean-Luc certainly didn't lie, that's for sure. If anything, he underestimated your arousal factor." Bev mumbled something unintelligible as Vash added a third finger into her clutching wetness.

"Ohhh mmy!" Bev groaned as Vash spread her fingers wide inside her pussy and pumped a little faster, a little harder. Beverly felt herself turning to butter at the ministrations of this dark-haired vixen. Her eyes fluttered shut and she spread her legs even wider as she felt the pinky joining its fellow fingers in exploring her pussy.

"You like this, don't you?" Vash murmured, almost breathed it in Beverly's ear, then sucked one of the achingly stiff nipples between her lips again.

"Yesss...." Bev groaned, her hips rolling and undulating with the slow, insistent rhythm of Vash's fingers. Suddenly, she gasped as Vash's fist forced its way into her now-relaxed pussy, and she tightened her muscles around the intrusion, setting off her orgasm. Vash pumped her fist into Bev's clutching pussy, almost relentless, seeming not to care if she hurt the redhead.

"You like this, don't you?" She repeated. "In fact, you love it. You love the feel of my fist in your cunt." Bev nodded, unable to speak, unable to look the other woman in the face. Vash sped up her tempo. "Take it then," she hissed, lewdly licking the delicate ear. "Take it and enjoy it...or I'll take it back."

"No!" Beverly screamed, coming a second time, more forcefully, the spasms ripping through her trembling body. Bev felt her body jerking and spasming through her orgasm, totally helpless. Suddenly, Vash pulled away from Bev, leaving the redhead feeling strangely empty. But before Bev could protest, beg her lover for more, she felt the sudden impact of a cock slamming into her still-clutching cunt, extending the ecstasy of her coming.

"Yes," Vash hissed in her ear. "Take it. Fuck him, Beverly."

"Yessss," Bev moaned, the sound more a breath than an actual word. Hot cum spattered against her womb as her unknown lover came, groaning loudly. And she reached for him, felt his slick, bald head. "Oh, Jean-Luc."

She wasn't even shocked or embarrassed. Slitting her eyes, she found Vash perched on the back of the couch, skirt hiked up around her hips, fingers on her clit. The redhead slid a hand up the brunette's thigh, found her drippingly wet. Slipping a finger in, she coated it, then slipped it into her own mouth, tongue lapping up the sweetness. Without a word, she pulled the brunette over to straddle her face. She had a feeling the sight would turn Jean-Luc immensely. The surging between her legs confirmed her feeling. She inhaled deeply the scent of Vash's arousal, then her tongue slid in, homing in on the taste she'd just enjoyed. Her tongue glided across the slick lips to plant itself within Vash's pussy, drawing forth more of the honeyed sweetness she craved.

"Wait." It came hoarsely from their male companion.

Bev didn't stop her exploration of her new lover's cunt...at least not until Jean-Luc pulled Vash off of her face. She watched as he positioned the brunette on her back on the floor, legs spread wide open for them to see her arousal. He then pulled Bev down to kneel between her legs. Bev immediately returned her attention to Vash's glistening cunt, a moth to a flame.

"Yessss," Vash groaned as Bev's agile tongue danced within her, pulling forth the honeyed juices of her arousal. Her hands slid down to caress the long red hair, hold that head tightly to her body, unwilling to lose the ecstasy Bev brought her.

Jean-Luc watched them with an eager hunger like he'd never felt before. Saw the glazed look in Vash's eyes. Heard the succulent sounds of Bev's tongue and lips on the brunette's cunt. Smelled the musky arousal of these two women. Stared at the tantalizing, yet totally natural, sway of the CMO's ass, beckoning him in, inviting him to fulfill his unspoken fantasy. Felt his cock leaping to readiness, wanting to plunge within that hot, heavenly body again. He slowly crawled forward, thanking whatever gods governed the granting of wishes of this kind. He sent Vash a look of thanks, too, though he knew she'd never understand the reason why. How could she know that, in his search for her, he found himself standing outside his CMO's door? That after several unanswered hails to both women, he'd called a captain's override and entered the room? That his synthetic heart had nearly leapt out of his chest at the sight of his girlfriend going down on the woman he'd loved for years? That, when she'd turned and beckoned him to take her place, she'd let him fulfill part of a longtime fantasy?

And fulfill it he would. He stroked the silky red hair softly, leaning over. His cock had a mind of its own, finding and entering her hot, wet pussy. He set up a slow, easy rhythm, hands on her hips. He moved the hair back, leaning over to get a good view of Bev's tongue lashing at Vash's clit almost mercilessly. The sight made his hips snap forward forcefully, burying his cock in the redhead's depths. Unable to control his lust, he plunged into her forcefully, rapidly, feeling the need for release again. And Bev's hips responded in kind, muscles clutching at him, her tongue a blur against Vash's pussy. And then, Vash screamed, coming, bucking against the lovely face of the CMO, whose orgasm was spurred on. And the spasming of her strong internal muscles around his rapidly thrusting erection caused Jean-Luc Picard to collapse onto Beverly, spraying his seed deep within Beverly's womb.

When he could open his eyes again, he found Beverly gently lapping and cleaning up the signs of Vash's orgasm, bringing her down slowly. Then Vash's eyes met his, smiling at him, as she slid back from Bev, who was disentangling herself from her captain. He returned the smile, opened his mouth to say, "Thank you."

But it was Bev's voice he heard saying those words, not his own. Too confused to speak, he listened as she continued. "Thank you, Vash, for giving me my wish." Then she turned to Jean-Luc, kissed him softly, so he could taste Vash on her lips, tongue. "And thank you, Jean-Luc, for coming to look for Vash...and for still loving me enough to fuck me."

Jean-Luc was stunned. They'd *planned* this? "But--but--" he stammered.

"Hush, Jean-Luc," Beverly replied, fingers covering his lips. "I have missed your touch. Vash was kind enough to help me have it once again."

"This was all a set-up?" he finally asked. Both women nodded. "And neither of you regret it? Any of it?" Both shook their heads. And he smiled broadly. "How did I manage to find you?" he asked, looking at Vash, then turned his attention to Beverly. "And how did I manage to keep you? Deserve you?"

Bev took him in her arms, smiling warmly. "You are just you, Jean-Luc, that's all." And then, with a smirk, she added, "Computer, save program."