Fur Immer Zusammen:

A Tale of Ageless, Timeless Love

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

Beverly felt the urge building within her again. Only this time it didn't feel right, it still couldn'tfeel right, not without him. For nearly one thousand years they'd spent All Hallows 'Eve togetherin the feast. But that had all changed twenty-one years ago. Alaric was dead, killed by one ofthose damned fanatics who knew what he really was -- what they both were.

Just thinking about him again made the depression grow. She knew she shouldn't think of himlike this, that it didn't -- wouldn't -- change things. Alaric was dead, and she still alive; that's allthere was to it. She'd spent the past twenty-one years thinking of Alaric, thinking and debating. Now, on what should have been their one thousandth anniversary, she couldn't keep herselfcooped up. She needed to do something, get back into the stream of life around her.

Suddenly, the lust grew stronger. She couldn't stop herself this time. She reached for theplastic pouch in the refrigeration unit and began to drink it greedily. One wasn't enough, sheneeded the second pouch to quench the incredible urges. As she finished the second bag, she feltthe urge subside, felt her body relax.

Beverly slowly walked into the living room of her luxurious quarters aboard the Enterprise. She sat down, staring at the expensive knick-knacks Alaric had bought for her over the years, someof which were priceless antiques by now. Sitting among them afforded her some small comfort,but it still didn't bring Alaric back.

Beverly remembered well the night Alaric had introduced her to his way of life. It was AllHallows 'Eve, 1373. Beverly had been visiting in Dresden, in the Saxony region of Germany, withher brother, Douglas, heir apparent and crown prince to Castle Howard and its clan.

* * * * *

"Beverly, my sister, get thee dressed, for we have been invited to attend a ball on this veryevening," Douglas said upon entering the room his sister occupied.

"A ball? On All Hallows 'Eve? Douglas, surely thy senses forbad thee to accept."

"Of course not, sister of mine. We are going to the ball."

"But, my brother, this is a wicked night, full of wicked doings."

"Wicked, indeed! Beverly, as thy brother and the crown prince of Castle Howard, I say thatthee and me will attend the ball held at the castle of Baron von Richart."

"But, Douglas--" she protested again.

"No but's, Beverly. The good baron was kind enough to invite to his ball thee and me, and wewill not disregard his kindness."

"What shall I wear?" Beverly asked, giving in. "This," he replied, setting the boxes in front of her. "I took the liberty of bringing a costumefor thee, should the event arise that we would be invited to a costume ball. Now, get thee dressed,and tarry not. We shan't keep the good baron waiting."

* * * * *

"Gutten abend, Herr von Richart," Douglas said, in his nearly fluent German. Beverlyresented his ease at learning the foreign languages, as well as his ability to use them on his manytrips.

"Gutten abend, Herr Howard," came the man's reply. "And I assume this is thy sister, FrauleinHoward?"

"Gu -- Gutten abend, Herr von Richart," Beverly stammered, unable to take her eyes off thetall, dark man.

He wore a suit of solid black, a crisp, white dress shirt underneath, and all of it was set off by ablack velvet cape with a red silk lining. His dark hair, almost as black as his clothes, was perfectlypulled back into a tight braid that went from the nape of his neck to his shoulder blades. His lipswere a deep ruby color, a sharp contrast to his pale skin. The last thing Beverly noticed was hiseyes -- the color of fine Swiss chocolates.

"Let down thy mask, fraulein, so that I might see thy beautious face," he said softly, his voiceas smooth as the silk of his cape.

"Of -- course, Herr baron." Beverly slowly removed her feathered mask, revealing her blush.

"What is thy given name, if I might ask?"

"Beverly, Herr baron." Her blush deepened.

"Uh-uh-uh. Call me Alaric, Beverly, if we are to be friends. And I hope we are to be friends,so thou must call me Alaric. Is that agreeable?"

"That is agreeable, Herr -- Alaric."

"Good. I would like thee to be my personal guest, Beverly. But, first, I would like to speak ofbusiness with thy brother. Please, let my servants get thee all that thou desirest."

"I thank thee, Alaric."

"It is my pleasure, meine liebling," Alaric replied, brushing his lips across her knuckles. Beverly felt a shudder go through her body at his touch, and she wasn't sure of it was good or bad. As she moved away, Alaric turned to face Douglas. "Is thy sister trothed as of yet?"

"No, Herr baron. My father has not yet found a suitable noble to pledge Beverly to. Whydoes thou ask?"

"Thy sister, how old is she?"

"Nigh on seventeen. Why asks thou?"

"I should like the fair Beverly's hand in troth."

"But, Herr baron, my family cannot possibly offer a dowry suitable to thy stately nobility."

"Art thou not a prince?"

"Well, yes, but...."

"And ist not thy sister a princess in her own right?"

"Yes, but--"

"And ist not true that she shall inherit not thy family's vast titleages?"

"'Tis true, but dost thou truly want my little Beverly for thy bride?"

"Thou should know me better than that, Herr prince. I ask for naught but what I want. So,answer thou my question. Will thy father allow thy sister to be my trothed?"

"If her dowry is naught of a problem for thee, then I see no reason for my father to refusethee."

"Splendid, simply splendid. And I insist that my lovely betrothed should stay here, at Castlevon Richart, until thy family may arrive for our bridal celebration."

At that, Alaric left the stunned Douglas behind, going off in search of his young bride-to-be. Alaric found her in the library, sitting alone.

"Beverly? Dost something trouble thee?"

"'Tis naught to concern thee, my lord."

"But, liebling, if we are to be friends, we are to trust each other. 'Tis true, yes?"

"Yes," Beverly replied, smiling.

"So, what troubles thee? Tell me, so that I may rid thee of it, and make thee happy."

"'Tis a kind offer thou makest, but I cannot impose myself on thee."

"Thou art my friend, Beverly, and friends do not impose. Now, what troubles thee so?" heasked softly. Beverly hesitated, looking into his eyes.

"Only my heart, my lord baron."

"But why should thy heart trouble thee? Thou art surely trothed to a hand some youngnobleman."

"If only 'twere true," she said, pausing. "I know that my father sent me with my brother tofind me a suitable husband."

"Rest thy heart, my Beverly, for the search of thy family is over. I have bade thy brotherinform thy father of my intention to marry thee."

"What? My lord baron, art thou truthful?" she asked, standing quickly, then walked away.

"More truthful than I have ever been, meine liebling. Dost thou not feel my love for thee? From the moment first I laid mine eyes upon thee, I knew I would spend the rest of my days withthee. Thy brother said he dost not believe thy father will deny me my request. Ist thou nothappy?"

"I know not how to feel."

"Dost thou feel naught for me? Didst thou feel it not when first we met? Answer me truly,Beverly," Alaric insisted.

"I felt -- something, my lord baron, but I know not what it was, and I know not if it was goodor bad."

"Beverly, tell me how thou dost feel about my request for thy hand in marriage?"

"I will not say that I disapprove of it, for that is not mine to say, but my father's."

"Dost thou disapprove, Beverly?" Tell me truly," Alaric begged, on his knees in front of her.

"No, my lord baron." It was slow, a bit hesitant, but it was all Alaric needed to hear. Hewrapped his arms round her waist, pressed his cheek to her stomach. Beverly felt a dizzyingsensation come over her at the contact. Though her clothes were much too thick for it to actuallyhappen, Beverly imagined she could feel the warmth of his breath against the tender skin of herstomach. As if of their own will, Beverly's hands wrapped around his head, pulling him closerto her. Alaric's head moved gently up and down against her stomach, much like a cat would dowhen craving attention from its master. Suddenly, Beverly pulled away from Alaric.

"Liebling? What is it?"

"We must return to the party and tarry not, my lord baron, before anyone misses us."

"My sweet Beverly, dost thou not wish to call me Alaric? Now that thou art trothed to me,thou shouldst call me by my given name."

"Tarry not, my Alaric," Beverly begged. "Thee must return me to the party. Surely Douglassearches for me this very instant."

* * * * *

Beverly entered the large room after the elderly maid. She looked at the dark room, noted thatAlaric had done his best to make the room seem less forboding. It was a nice gesture, but it didn'twork too well.

"Thy lord master, ist he a very rich man?" she asked the old woman. The woman merelynodded. "And dost he believe a setting such as this to be spartan?"

"The master need not my permission to do as he wisheth."

"Helga, I'll not have thee speak thus to my betrothed." Alaric's voice filled the large room. "Finish thy work and tarry not. My betrothed is of a need for rest."

The old woman nodded. She quickly finished her business, then left the room. Beverlywalked about the room, feeling uncomfortable to be in so private a room with a man not yetrelated to her.

"I am most impressed by this room, my lo -- Alaric," Beverly corrected herself. "If this be amodest room, I fear I should be nigh to swooning with but a glance at any other rooms."

"I needs must confess, my Beverly. I have given thee my most spacious room. My betrotheddeserveth naught but the best. But, now I shall leave thee for thy slumber. I shall send a maid tohelp thee dress."

"I thank thee, Alaric," she replied as he brushed his lips across her knuckles.

"I wish thee a good slumber this evening, my Beverly."

* * * * *

Beverly was sound asleep, but woke with a start at the sound of a door opening. She pulled theblankets up tighter around her neck, fearful. The dark room seemed darker, and Beverly couldn'tsee anything, but she could hear footsteps drawing near her.

"Wh--who comes here?" she called out. Suddenly, the candle by her bed flared to life,causing Beverly to scream.

"'Tis only me, my Beverly."


"Yes," he replied softly. It came out almost as a hissing noise.

"Why dost thou visit me at such a late hour? And unescorted, as well? 'Tis nigh on thewitching hour."

"I couldn't stay away from thee, my Beverly. I needs must be with thee." With this, he sat onthe bed, began to pull the blankets away from her.

"Alaric! What art thou doing?"

"I needs must be with thee," he repeated, pulling her close to him. "I needs must have thee."

"We art not yet trothed, Alaric. This ist not right until we art trothed," she protested.

"We art trothed this very moment, my Beverly," he said, tracing her cheek with a finger.

"Thou art lying!" she replied, trying to pull away.

"Nay, I lie not. In this country, a couple art considered married as soon as the betrothal isgranted. Thou art my wife, Beverly. Thou dost know that thou needs must do as I say. I am nowthy master as well as thy husband."

"Yes, Alaric," Beverly replied fearfully. She had no idea what to expect.

"Lay thee down, my Beverly. I only wish to lie with thee."

"Yes, Alaric."

Beverly lay back, sliding to the left side of the led as Alaric slipped under the covers next toher. He pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her slight, wool-clad, trembling body. Beverly felt her heart beating faster, not sure whether to be more afraid of her husband-to-be orher father, when he found out what she was doing at the present moment. Alaric applied lightpressure to her head, pressing her cheek to his chest. Beverly could feel and hear the slow,even beating of his heart through his light woolen shirt. The sensation both unnerved Beverly andcalmed her down.

"My Beverly, art thou afraid of thine own husband?" he chided lightly. When Beverlynodded, he chuckled softly. "Thou hast naught to fear, meine liebling. I plan not to harm thee,only to love thee. Dost that alarm thee?"

"A -- a bit. Alaric, I've not been--"

"Shh," he murmured. "That I know, and 'tis naught of a problem."

"But, if perchance my father renounces thy request, mayhaps of me? I should be disowned. Alaric, I cannot--"

"I would still thee marry, Beverly. I shan't be able to live without thee," he said, emotionally. His soft, melodic voice had a hypnotic effect on Beverly. The more he spoke to her, and the moreshe stared into his deep brown eyes, the more her fear subsided, and the more she began to trusthim. "Dost thou feel not the same way?"

"I -- I know not, Alaric. I am used to naught like this I am feeling."

"I will teach thee to feel naught by pleasure, liebling, for pleasure ist the only true happiness inlife." As he said it, he ran his right hand lightly down the side of her body. It sent shivers up anddown her spine. Before she could respond in any way, Alaric's lips were on hers. With gentle,insistent pressure, Alaric deftly pried open her mouth. As his tongue skillfully caressed hers,Beverly let out a soft gasp, relaxing against him.

Alaric's hands caressed Beverly's cheeks, then slowly worked their way down. He gentlycaressed the muscles of her neck and shoulders, as if committing them to memory, then slowlyuntied the ties at her throat. He slid the material back, exposing a triangular patch of her fleshpointing down to the valley between her breasts. Alaric sat up on his elbow to look at the palebeauty of her flesh. Smiling, he leaned down and kissed her again. This time though, he didn'tmeet any resistance from Beverly. She willingly let the kiss deepen as Alaric wished. Alaric's hands slid down her arms, then back up, eliciting a shiver from Beverly. He felt herarms wrap around his neck, then gently covered her breasts with his hands. As he caressed herbreasts through the wool of her nightgown, Beverly felt her nipples stiffen against the coarsematerial and arched her back toward him.

Alaric began to kiss his way down to her chest, gently kissing and licking at her tender flesh. When he trailed down the side of her neck, he licked her jugular vein lewdly, but softly.

"Alaric!" Beverly moaned, spurring him on. He continued his path down to the valleybetween her breasts, his hands still working on either side of his head. With his right hand, hepulled the material to the side to reveal the creamy paleness of her left breast. Her tiny pink nipplemesmerized him for a few seconds before he took it in his mouth.

The softness of his lips against her skin sent jolts of excitement through Beverly's body. Theway his tongue caressed her nipple was indescribable to her, but she didn't care, she just wanted itto continue forever. Then, Alaric applied more pressure by sucking her nipple deeper into hismouth.

Alaric tried to move the wool to the side with his left hand, wanting to feel her other nipple inhis hand. When it wouldn't do as he wanted, he pulled back and ripped at it. When it wouldn'trip, he proceeded to pull the entire garment up and off of Beverly's body. He smiled, licking hislips as he watched her lay there, shivering.

Alaric repositioned his body over hers, spreading her legs to lie between them. His mouthreturned to her chest, this time closing on her right nipple. He lavished the same attention to thatnipple as he had to the other. His left hand slid down her body to the patch between her legs. Slowly he spread open her virginal lips and began stroking the slightly moist flesh gently. His righthand returned to her left nipple as he looked up into her wide, doe-like eyes.

"Thou art truly beautious, my Beverly. Thy body ist perfection itself."

"I thank thee, Alaric," she replied shyly, then gasped as he slid a finger into her tight depths.

"Thou shouldst be proud of thy body, not shy. The body ist the very center of a person'spleasure, be he man or woman. Dost thou with me agree?" he asked, pushing his finger infurther.

"I know not, Alaric. None ever before dared ask this of me. Nor didst any before dare do thusto me as thou doest now."

"Know ye now, Beverly, I intend to do to thee far more than thus I now do. And well I intendto thee teach like thus to do to me. Dost thou feel interest?"

"Yes, my husband, Alaric. I will do as thou bidst, I am thy loyal wife, at thy service."

"No!" Alaric said sharply, thrusting two fingers into her forcefully, eliciting a shriek of painfrom Beverly. At her cry, he realized what he did and took her in his arms. "Forgive me, myBeverly, I meant not to harm thee. I only want thee happy. I want not for thee to do as I bidblindly, as a common moron would. I want thee as my partner, not my slave. Dost thou meunderstand?"

"Y--yes, my Alaric," Beverly replied as he wiped away her tears. "'Tis very hard for me tounderstand thee fully, for my father raised me to obey my husband faithfully. Allow for me sometime to accept this information?"

"I shall allow it, my Beverly. And now, if thou allowest, I shall return to thy lessons."

When Beverly nodded, he gently brushed her lips with his, then gently suckled at each breastfor a moment. His hands gently massaged her stomach and upper thighs, trying to relax her a bit. When he felt her muscles lose their tension, he began to kiss a trail down her body. As he reachedthe dark triangle of hair between her legs, he could smell her musky, virginal scent. He ran histongue through the thatch of hair down to her most private place.

Alaric was slow, but insistent in his lesson. He slowly explored every inch of her center ofpleasure, leaving nothing untouched. He felt her stiffen slightly as he pushed his tongue into her,but then she relaxed when it didn't hurt her at all. Alaric alternately licked at her inner and outerlabia and inside her vaginal opening. Finally, Alaric lightly flicked his tongue over her clitoris. The sensations that movement caused in Beverly were indescribable. Next, Alaric blew on hersensitive little bud and Beverly moaned.

"Alaric!" she cried as he sucked the nubbin of flesh into his mouth. Alaric's mouth did to herclitoris exactly what he'd done to her nipples earlier. Beverly's hands flew to Alaric's head, holdingit to her body, unwilling to stop the incredible feelings coursing through her body.

Alaric continued his ministrations on Beverly, beginning to massage her left inner thigh. As hedid this, his mouth began to water in anticipation. He felt Beverly begin to tense her body, inpreparation of her first orgasm, and the vein in her thigh pulsed and throbbed against his hand.

"Alaric!" she moaned, almost painfully, in her desire. Her body writhed in pleasure, unable tostay still.

Alaric decided to take her over the edge of ecstacy. He began to lash at her sensitive clit untilher body began convulsing in pleasure. At the height of her pleasure, Alaric turned to see the veinin her left thigh pulsing wildly. "Fur immer zusammen, meine liebling," he murmured, thenattacked.

No one in Castle von Richart heard the scream of painful pleasure elicited from the mouth ofBeverly, princess of the Howard clan, soon-to-be Baroness von Richart.

* * * * *

Upon remembering that painfully sweet moment, Beverly felt tears welling in her eyes. On thisvery night, one thousand years ago, through the shedding and drinking of her virgin blood, Alarichad initiated her into his world of the undead -- forever together.

For nearly one thousand years, they were together, travelling the world, feasting when theyneeded, faking their deaths only to turn up in a new place with new identities. Neither one everaged, and, had it not been for major leaps and bounds in surgical procedures over the centuries,would have remained as they were when they'd been converted to the undead: Alaric lookedtwenty-three and Beverly looked slightly older than seventeen.

She remembered Alaric telling her that a true vampire was made when a virgin was bitten in thevein of the left thigh by one of the opposite sex, then had the blood drunk by the vampire. Alarichad also warned her of the only true way she could be killed: a wooden stake through her heart.

Beverly shuddered, remembering the sight of Alaric being stabbed, and how his body aged tohis full thirteen hundred years, then turned to dust and blew away. Luckily, the fanatic who'dkilled him hadn't seen her, or she'd have been killed, too.

"Sometimes I wish I had been killed that night," she murmured, curling her legs up beneathher. She sat there, brooding for a long minute, then stood up. "Stop it!" Beverly yelled at herself."Alaric wouldn't want me doing this! He'd want me to go out tonight and enjoy myself, instead ofwallowing in depressed." She paused a moment, then smiled. "Of course, I'll just put my littleplan to use tonight."

This decided, Beverly went into her bedroom to find her favorite Halloween costume: vampiress. As she slipped into the tight, skimpy outfit, she swore she could feel Alaric's gentlecaresses against her skin. That contact, whether real or imagined, gave her strength to go on.

Dressed, Beverly looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Her sharp, pointed teeth sparkledin unison with her eyes at the sight of her slim, trim, one thousand and seventeen year old body inthe skimpy outfit.

Going back to the refrigeration unit, she drank yet a third pouch of blood, hoping it would sateher thirst for the night. She'd always hated the thought of biting and killing people to satisfy herlust. Alaric had made her do it once, in case she ever needed blood in an emergency, but normallyhe would kill a person and drain the blood into a cup for her. And now, for the past five hundredyears or so, she and Alaric had worked in various blood banks and hospitals, which enabled themto steal a few bags here and there.

Finally ready, Beverly repositioned her cape, an exact copy of the very one Alaric had worn thenight they'd met. She checked the chrono again, grabbed her "party" bag, then left, going to Ten-Forward. Guinan was holding her annual Halloween party, an event anticipated by everyone allyear long.

When she arrived at Ten-Fore, she was let in immediately by the enigmatic hostess, who neverwore a costume. Upon entering, Beverly was bombarded by a dozen different people, admiringher costume, as they did every year. She checked out the other costumes, seeing if she had anycompetition for the costume contest this year. A few had promise, but she didn't really thinkanyone had a chance against her costume.

Deanna and Will walked up to where she stood at the bar. Beverly let them buy her a drink: avirgin Bloody Mary. She had to laugh at their costumes. Leave it to the First Officer and Ship'sCounsellor to show up as Adam and Eve. "Real leaves?" Bev asked archly, pointedly staring intoRiker's blue eyes, making the normally unflappable man blush.

Then, she noticed the costumes of her other fellow officers: Data was predictably dressed asSherlock Holmes, and Captain Picard as Dixon Hill. Both always came as their favorite holodeckfantasy characters. Then, she noticed Worf, and nearly choked on her drink. He was dressed as acaveman, and wearing barely more than Will. And he looked damned good in it. She scanned thedance floor for signs of.... Then, she stopped herself. Alaric wouldn't be there, he was dead. But, old habits are always hardest to break. Suddenly, Bev's head snapped to her left. Somethinghad caught her eye, something very familiar. Scanning the crowd, she saw Geordi, dressed as DonQuixote, talking to.... Alaric!

"Ohmygod!" she sighed, the color draining from her face. "Beverly, what's wrong?" Deanna asked softly, she and Will looking in the same direction.

"Who's that talking to Geordi?" Will asked, unable to get a good look at the face.

Beverly knew instantly, and a smile of total satisfaction covered her face. "It appears I have afellow vampire tonight, in my dear son."

"That's Wes?" Deanna murmured, desire in her eyes. "I'd forgotten how much he's grown upsince he last visited us from the Academy."

"He's too young for you, my dear," Will replied archly. "Besides, he looks nothing like yourfabled snake come to tempt you."

"Mmm, but to bite from his apple," she continued, then blushed at her own audacity forvoicing that comment.

"If you two don't mind, I'm going to go say hello to my son," Bev said absently, then leftbefore they could say anything. She practically glided over to where her son stood, animatedlygesturing to emphasize some point he was making. "Hello, Geordi, Wesley."

"Hola, Senorita," Geordi said, bowing before her grandly. "Tell me, do you know of anywindmills I can charge in your honor?"

"No, I'm afraid not, Don Quixote, but I will tell you in the event that I do find one."

"Hello, my soul-mate," Wes replied gravely, as he brushed his lips across her knuckles,sounding just like Alaric. "What a pleasure to find one of my own kind here. I'm something of anodd vampire, you see, I like being around others of my own kind."

"As do I, my son, as do I," Beverly murmured.

* * * * *

It was nearly dawn when Bev finally led her synthahol-drunk son out of Ten-Fore and towardhis guest quarters. She helped him in and sat him on the couch, then just stared at him.

"Will you dance with me, Wes?" she asked softly, pulling him up to stand in front of her. Theyoung man complied, fitting his hands where they were supposed to go. "I guess I'm just a bitreminiscent tonight. I can't believe how in credible you looked tonight, Wes, I'd have taken youfor a vampire if I didn't already know you."

"'snice to know," he slurred, his head falling onto her shoulder. "Y'know, Ma, I'm kindadrunk."

"I know, Wes, but for now can we not be mother and son? Let's just be two people dancingwho happen to be vampires. Okay?" She sighed when he nodded his head, and pulled him closer,her cheek on the top of his head. She led as they danced a little longer, then Wes lurched his headup suddenly.

"What're we doing 'n here?"

"I'm putting you to bed, leibling," Bev murmured, pulling his cape off, then working to get hisshirt off of him.

Wes pulled away from her woozily. "Can do it m'self, Ma," he replied, falling backwards ontothe bed. He looked up to see his mother smiling at him, at least he thought she was smiling. Hegrinned back. "'M okay, see?"

"Mm-hmm," she replied, removing his boots. She began to massage his calves, knowing theboots had been uncomfortable for the young man. Wes groaned in pleasure as his stiff muscleswere tamed back into supple submission. Beverly slowly made her way up his legs, kneading andstroking the stiff flesh. She glanced up and noticed the look of ecstatic, drunken bliss on his facefirst, then she noticed the bulge growing in his pants. So, he's forgotten who he's with, shethought to herself. Good. Her nimble fingers worked their way up along his stomach, as shepositioned herself between his splayed legs, then she gently began to massage his member throughhis pants. Wes groaned again, then sighed as she released his erection.

"Wha--?" he asked, as she slowly removed his clothes. She shushed him, then studied himfrom head to toe, noting the incredible resemblances to Alaric that she'd never noticed before. Taking off her cape, she lay next to Wes and kissed him, a hand gently massaging his chest. "Oh,wow," he moaned as she lightly grazed the head of his erection, his back arching a bit.

"Shh, my dear. The body is the very center of a person's pleasure, be he man or woman. NowI will help thee achieve the greatest pleasure, my love," she murmured, then slid down the bed togently flick her tongue across the head of his erection. Repositioning herself between his spreadlegs again, Beverly lightly fondled Wesley's penis and balls, licking her lips in anticipation. Alreadyshe could see the vein in his left thigh begin to throb. Alaric had taught her the way to do theconversion correctly, and now she would attempt it. She was positive that Alaric had beenreincarnated in Wesley -- there were too many coincidences to refute that idea.

Smiling, Beverly bent over him and took his large member into her mouth. Slowly, sheengulfed him completely, one hand juggling his balls, the other massaging his left thigh, making itready for what was to come. Beverly willed her teeth to recede, not wanting to hurt Wes. Expertly she flicked her tongue over the surface of his penis as she bobbed her head up and down. Alaric had taught her well how to please a man, for it was only a moment or two before Wes wassquirming beneath her, nearing his release.

Beverly turned to masturbating him, preparing to bite him as he came. Just before his climax,Wes moaned, "You give better head than Robin does." Beverly stopped dead, mortified by whathe'd said. Wes wasn't a virgin; he couldn't be truly converted. She was alone again. Suddenly,Wes' hips jutted up toward her as he came, his juices spurting out and down his shaft onto herhand, some land ing in her hair. "God, that was incredible!" he sighed. Bev felt the anger anddesperation begin to build in her, shadowed by the blood lust again. All these years, wasted! Shelunged for him, hissing and baring her fangs, trying to get at his neck, but Wes moved at thesudden shift in weight on the bed. And any hint of synthahol in Wesley Crusher's system wasinstantly gone then, as he stared at her in fear, realizing what he'd just been doing with his mother. "What the fuck?!?" he bellowed. "What the fuck are you trying to do, Mom?"

"Trying to convert you, Wes," she replied, watching as he grabbed for his clothes, beginning todress himself.

"Convert me? To what?"

"Vampirism, my way of life."

"Oh, okay," he replied, disbelief strong in his voice, then he looked past her. "Okay, guys,nice Halloween joke," he yelled. When nothing happened, he called out, "Computer, endprogram." Again, nothing happened. And then he realized that this was real, not a holodeckprogram. He'd been about to fuck his own mother. "Mom?"

Beverly sighed explosively, beginning to pace the room, like a caged animal. "I'm not yourmother, Wes. So just call me Beverly, okay?"

"Excuse me? How can you not be my mom? I mean, you've raised me as your son for twenty-one years, you and Dad always talked about how I was conceived and born and all that. I don'tthink you could have made that up."

"I did. The man you know as your father was the man I met, and fell in love with, after Alaricdied. He wasn't around during my 'pregnancy' with you or your 'birth,' so anything he told you iswhat I told him. I stole you from the hospital the day you were born, the day Alaric was killed. Your middle name is based on his last name."

"Who's Alaric?"

"He was my first husband, the man who made me what I am: a vampire. To night would havebeen our one thousandth anniversary, both of our relationship and our my conversion to theundead."

"You mean you're like Dracula?"

"I am Dracula, Wes. Don't you understand? I am a one thousand seventeen years old vampire. Had you but been a virgin, you would be one of the undead as we speak, my companion forever. Now, I am doomed to be alone forever, or until...."

"Until what?" Wes insisted.

"Until I am killed in the same manner as my Alaric was killed!" she replied sharply. Sheturned and went to the living room. Wes followed and watched as she dug something out of herbag. She turned around and faced him with a wooden stake and a wooden mallet. "Here, takethese, Wesley, and use them."

"For what?" Then it hit him. "No way, Mom! Uh-uh! I'm not gonna kill you."

"Wesley, I don't wish to live this way any longer. I only want to die, to meet my beloved Alaricin the afterworld. Will you help me? Will you reunite us once again for eternity?"

"That -- that would be murder! I can't do it! I won't do it!" Wes replied, throwing theimplements on the floor.

"Would you condemn me to an eternity of this? An eternity of loneliness and the blood lustthat grows so strong at times that I must drink blood, human blood."

"You -- kill people for their blood? And you drink it? But, you're a doctor, you can't do that."

"I don't kill people, I never could. I replicate the blood. Don't you see? I am alone for alleternity. No one understands me, not unless they are of the undead, like me, and there areprecious few of us now. Please, Wesley," she begged.

"Couldn't -- couldn't you do something to reverse this? To make yourself mortal again?"

"Not mortal. Only death can return me and change me from this wretched existence," Beverlysaid, picking up the tools. She turned and knelt in front of Wes, placing them in his hands again,then bared her chest for him. "Please, Wesley, end my torturous solitude." Suddenly, Beverlybegan to shake. She lunged for her bag, then greedily sucked down the pouch of blood containedthere. Wes watched as she turned to face him, a thin trickle of blood running down the side of hermouth. Her face was an expression of utter despair and imploring. "Now do you see why I beg ofyou to end this for me? If you believe in anything good or holy, as I taught you, you will do as Ibeg of you. Please, Wesley, give me my everlasting peace with my Alaric. For, if you don't, I willbring myself to the attention of the fanatic who killed my Alaric, so that he will do the same to me. He will not be kind, Wes, but will make my release slow, torturous. You could make it quick andpainless."


"There will be no body left. I will turn to dust. Give whatever explanation you want for mydeath and the lack of a body. Do what you like with my things, many of them are pricelessheirlooms. I care not. Just end my pain."

Wes stared at her for a long moment, unsure of what to do. There was so much to considerhere, so much of his life had been totally uprooted tonight. Part of him knew murder was wrong,but another part of him knew how desolate and lonely her life was. "Will -- will it be terriblypainful?"

"The pain will be momentary and slight, if I am to receive my rest. Will you do it?"

"Will I ever see you again?"

"Perhaps a child is born tonight to take my place, just as you took the place of my Alaric. But Iknow not for sure. If 'tis true, you and I shall meet again someday, but I shalt not know. Will youdo this for me, my love reincarnated? Will you reunite me with my Alaric?"

Wes was silent for a very long moment. He stared deep into her eyes, hold ing her head stillwhen she would have looked away. "So you're not my mother?" She shook her head. Then hepulled her close in a long, passionate kiss. Picking her up, he carried her to the bedroom, lay herback on the bed, still kissing her, ripping her dress off as if to make wild love to her. Suddenly,Beverly felt a quick, sharp stab of pain, as if fire went through her entire body, then a second. Shelooked into Wesley's eyes and smiled.

"Thank you, my love," she murmured. Through tear-filled eyes, Wes watched Beverly'slifeless, blood-spattered body wither away and turn into dust. "Fur immer zusammen," he heardwhispered in his head as even the dust disappeared.

Wiping away a tear, Wes whispered, "Good luck, Mom. I hope you find your Alaric and thatthis eternity with him is better than the last."

* * * * *

Suddenly, Wes woke with a start, unsure of where he was. He looked around in the darknessfor a moment, then felt a hand on his left thigh, covering the vein there, and let out a scream. Asthe room filled with light, Beverly standing in the doorway, he realized that hand was his own. Bev crossed the room to sit next to her son, her arms going around his shoulders.

"Wes? Are you alright?"

"Mom? Is that you?"

"Yes," she replied, smoothing his hair back, then brushed her lips across his forehead. "Wes,you're as pale as a ghost. Are you okay?"

"Just a sec," he replied, throwing back his blankets. He pushed her back on the bed, pushingher nightgown up, examining her left inner thigh carefully.

"Wesley Richard Crusher! What the hell do you think you're do--?" But she was cut off whenhe flew out of the room. She got up, following him out into the living room, found him diggingthrough her bag. "Wesley?"

"It's okay. It was only a dream."


"I -- don't ask, Mom. Just do something for me?"

"Of course, I will, Wes. What is it?"

"You really did marry Dad, conceive me, and then give birth to me. Right?"

"Of course, I did, Wes," she replied, then groaned as he ran to her side and hugged her tightly. "I don't think you should drink so much of that synthahol anymore, Wesley. It's giving you somereally strange nightmares. Come on, I'll put you back in bed, then I'm going back to my quarters." She began to lead him into the bedroom again.

"Yeah, it was just a nightmare, that's all," he murmured, letting her tuck him in and kiss hisforehead. "I love you, Mom."

As he fell asleep, he barely heard Bev's reply. "And I love you, too, my Wesley, fur immer."

Was it really a dream or was it reality? You be the judge ....

German Dictionary
fur immer -- forever
zusammen - together
meine liebling - my darling
Alaric -- he who rules
Richart -- powerful ruler
gutten abend - good evening
herr - sir/mister/lord
fraulein - miss