Part 4 :: The Steps Beyond the Familiar

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Oh, I know she loves me. Any half-blind moron can see it, but hearing the words does something to my nerves that defies words. The verdant face is peaceful and that smile is pure bliss. Her happiness brings tears to my eyes and for the moment I am utterly content to soak up these feelings. This lonely and scarred soul has finally met mine fully and I am humbled by that trust. Pressing butterfly kisses all over Elphaba's face, I taste the tears clinging to her lashes, licking away the moisture from my lips. Like a blind woman, I caress the planes and hollows of her face, the sharp cheekbones and strong jaw, the downturned nose, her beautiful mouth.

Soon, my smaller body is tossed to the bedding, her lanky body pressing blissfully heavy into my flesh. A lifetime ago, I wanted what any spoiled little girl wanted, a handsome suitor, a glorious wedding and a magical night of bliss like the minstrels sing of.

Fuck that.

All that sugary female nonsense is a lie I've lived for far too long. All that matters is this woman and what we feel. If my destiny is to be a princess or a pauper, either is acceptable as long as I'm by Elphaba's side.

"Oh Elphie," I moan as that wonderfully wicked mouth suckles down my throat and her glorious inky hair slides silky tease over my skin. The fumbling of her normally nimble fingers at the tiny buttons on my blouse is frustrating. "Just tear the stupid thing off! I need you…"

Making that intoxicating growling noise again, Elphie does as I've begged; shredding the white fabric I won't miss even a little bit. The spoiled girlie part of me distantly appreciates that she's gentler with the constricting bra, carefully unhooking the thing before pulling it away. When she ducks down to kiss my chest, I don't even try to swallow the cry of bliss. The press of her warm, silky skin on mine is like nothing I've ever imagined.

Then her hands are on my nipples, teasing over the hardening peaks and I have to stare to confirm that I'm not somehow imagining how this feels. In this moment, I am struck by the shocking contrast of her emerald green skin against my own pale coloring, now flushed rosy with sensation. Yes, it's shocking, but lovely and erotic, too. The dark eyes, brown on green, look up, catching mine and we stare for a moment in wonder at seeing one another in this new light. Heat has flushed her cheeks rosy beneath the green, the kisses and caresses turning her lips even an even more enticing reddened shade.

"You're so beautiful, it almost hurts," I whisper and Elphie blushes an even lovelier color, dropping her face back into the curves of my chest, her fingers starting up their gentle stroking again. Later, I'll keep working on getting her to accept my compliments, but right now all I can do is feel.

Every girl hopefully has some idea what her body is capable of feeling, even if it really requires a lover to bring out the true power of these sensations. Every girl hopefully has a lover like my dearest Elphaba: gentle, focused and adoring. She squawks in surprise when I manhandle her larger body over, straddling her hips to preen at my success. "Gotcha," I chortle in delight, enjoying the press of her slimness in the heat building in my groin. Except that several hard objects in the small purse at her waist are now digging into my left buttock. "Ouch!"

This sets Elphie off into giggling at my obvious discomfort and I move away. "Here, let me help," she chuckles somewhat breathlessly and starts fumbling at her waistband, trying to dislodge the purse. I imperiously swat her hands away with feigned irritation.

"Let me."

Now it's my turn to wander into unexplored territory, leaning over to kiss the flat, strong plane of her midriff, that lovely place cradled by her ribs, before nibbling down to where her navel must be hiding just beneath the burgundy fabric. My golden curls spill in contrast over her skin like sunlight on trees and I admire the way my plain hand looks against her rich coloring.

"We look good together," I note softly, tugging at the oversized buttons holding the close-fitting skirt to her body and loosening the narrow belt. "I like these clothes on you."

Once more, Elphie chuckles breathlessly at my conversational tone, my mouth still pressed to her belly. "Since Fae brought them, I'll bet you designed them, my love. I like them too."

"But," I announce firmly and sit up. "I think that, right at this moment, I will like them far more off of you."

How I love making her laugh. The happiness lights up her entire expression and makes her luminous. There are several minutes of giggling chaos where I drag the heavy material and the simple undergarments beneath over her willowy legs and she struggles with the ties that hold my own skirt snug to the base of my spine.

"Shall I tear these too?" Elphie teases, one hand tugging the laces and the other stroking the curve of my rear.

"Well, I do like this skirt," I tease primly. "But if you must…"

For better or worse, the laces decide to come loose and there's a whole new struggle to get me loose from my far more elaborate lingerie. Breathless with the wrestling and giggling, I lay sprawled in the tangled bedding, looking up at Elphie where she kneels at my side. The expressive dark eyes rove over my nakedness, making my squirm in pleasant embarrassment, followed by a gentle hand. "Look at how lovely you are," she muses to herself, her tone awed.

"Flatterer," I tease sweetly and stroke her bare hip to distract her. "Come here and let me hold you."

Half-naked was a sensation that left me with no way to describe it. This complete nudity is enough to shut my brain down completely, lost in the exquisite feeling of warm, bare skin, punctuated by the tickle of the triangle of black hair I'd only caught a glimpse of. Lost in Elphie's kisses, I indulge in an old fantasy by stroking her glorious, waist-length hair, combing my fingers through the silkiness.

Then I get the evil idea to twist the heavy strands into my fingers, winding them up, trapping her skull. Huffing in a sound that's almost distressed, Elphaba allows me this power over her, eyes heavy lidded. "Oh Elphaba," I breathe out her whole mouthful of a name, savoring the fullness of it.

"Love me," she grates out hoarsely, her hips twitching urgently into my softer frame.

"I do, love. I will."

There is no need for words now, only this fire blazing between us.

Elphie believes that she has no soul. A lifetime of hate and abuse took that belief from her far too young. But I can see it, shining as bright and as fierce as any fire, her convictions and love a beacon to my own soul.

Fearless now about her and me and us, I ignore the distant protests of the rules that society has pressed on me for my entire life…

And reach down to trail a hand over the narrow curve of hip, caress the strong muscles of her buttocks and upper leg and finally the soft thatch of hair that intrigues me so. Like the storm that brought her back to me, she is wet with arousal and sweat, thrilling me from crown to toes.

Oh, the sounds she makes as I stroke and explore, her body twisting sinuously atop mine, her voice low and hoarse and uninhibited. It doesn't matter that I have no clue what I'm doing, even my own self-explorations never getting quite this involved, for her wordless encouragement is all I need. "Gli… Glin…" she whispers the broken syllables of my name over and over, her breath hot and humid in my hair, every muscle tense and growing more rigid all the time.

"Let it go, my love," I encourage, both hands coaxing at that soft, vulnerable place, drawing out the energy coiled tight in her lanky body. "I've got you. Fly with me."

Thrusting her hips roughly into my hands and thigh, my Elphie is a hurricane, a twister made flesh. While this is intimidating, it's exhilarating as well and I enjoy the jostling. This is my path now, this love with this woman. Stiffening, Elphie releases the most amazing feral sound from deep in her body, making every fine little hair on my body stand on end in wonderful sympathy. Sharp convulsions wrack her frame like peals of thunder, squeezing and releasing her internal muscles and the pitch of her voice.

"Oh Elphie," I reassure her, stroking softly now, calming her, soaking up her trembling. It takes a moment to recognize the sound of her tears and my heart lurches. But… for once in my life I pause and take stock. Now is the time for me to act the adult and be sensitive to my lover, not overreact. Not understanding where the understanding comes from, I wrap Elphie in a tight hug, yanking the blanket over us as best I can. The sobbing is quiet and her body continues to shake like a leaf in wind. "I'm right here, dearest. I won't leave you. You won't be alone again. Ever."

In time, the storm passes and some of the claustrophobic feelings in the room seem to recede. There seems to have been some chaos among my things, objects knocked over and a crack in one of the windows. Ah, that must be one of the hazards of loving a sorcerer then. Good to know. Despite feeling more than a little squished, I relish Elphie's weight sprawled all over me, continuing to pet her back and hair, murmuring softly. Honestly, I really think she's dropped off to sleep when she begins pressing little kisses to my temple.

"Thank you," the familiar voice whispers almost soundlessly. "I'm sorry I fell apart like that…"

"Elphie," I cut her off. "Are you seriously trying to apologize that my lovemaking skills reduced you tears?"

A strangled laugh makes me smile and my new lover props herself onto her elbows to look at me. My beloved has always had an intense stare, but now she is positively enrapturating. Her hands trace my face while she watches silently for a long, long time. Despite my own boiling hormones, I force myself to lie still and soak up this sobering moment for as long as we both need.

"No, you're right of course. That would be absurd."

Once more, we are laughing, a lovely racket of happiness that makes me thankful that I rate such private quarters.

"Miss Glinda," Elphie smiles and leans in to nuzzle my face, belying the seriousness of the words. "I do believe that you've quite broken me."

"Oh, perish the thought, Miss Elphaba. You look whole and healthy to me. Why, one might say that you are positively aglow."

Have I ever laughed so much? Overheated and hiccupping, I can't imagine that I ever have or I would remember it. Then again, I've never been in love. Smile gone enigmatic, Elphie slides her still sweat-slicked body down mine, making my breath catch, and presses open-mouthed kisses to my throat. This reminds me that I'm painfully aroused and completely frustrated while at the same time being strangely calm.

"I want to hear you surrender," Elphie purrs as her chin tickles my breasts, her hair a caress that might just drive me mad. "I want you to feel as amazing as I do right now."

"Please," is all I can manage to choke out around this need inside of me. Once again, her sensitive fingers pluck at my hardened nipples, the waves of hair adding their tickle. Then her head moves and I am treated to a feeling like nothing I have ever imagined. Gripping tight into the raven locks, my whole body curls up in instinctive reaction, my voice strangled in need. Her mouth, hot and open and suckling at that sensitive teat has turned me inside out, her tongue coiling wetly in curiosity.

Every nerve in my body is focused on the sensation of Elphie's tender suctioning mouth. There is a direct current of sensation between that exquisite spot and the ache between my legs. Rocking my hips, I can almost get purchase against her flat midriff to get some relief. Chortling teasingly, she flexes the slender muscles of her torso to add to my torment, making me growl in pleased annoyance.

"My dearest Glinda, who knew you were such a wildcat?"

"You've picked a miserable time to get chatty with me, Elphie."

The dry sarcasm uncorks my lover's amusement once again as she kisses her way over to my other breast to continue the torture.

"Ah, but what a way to go," she teases, delicately licking at the sweat that has gathered in that soft place between my sensitive breasts where no one's touch has ever been. I feel as though I am being claimed as an explorer to a new land would. Her verdant touch seems as though she should be leaving some sort of physical mark behind; a signpost on my body's map that reads that she is my conqueror.

I like that thought, almost as much as the feel of her hand caressing over my belly as she levers herself up a bit. Now I get a chance for some payback, able to raise my thigh between hers to press into the heat that matches my own. Ah lovely, there's that almost distressed randy sound that she makes through teeth and nose. "I like that," I groan, meaning all of it. Fingers tickle my navel and I swat at them, earning chuckles and I am being kissed once more, torn between her mouth and hands, mind whirling.

Elphaba's gentleness has always struck me. Even as new roomies, convinced of total detestation, she was merely prickly, sarcastic and aloof, never dangerous. All fear of her was in the eyes of the beholder. I will never be able to articulate my thanks for that one, simple mistake of raising my hand at the wrong moment that led to being roomed with this singular girl. Certainly the happiest mistake of my life.

Her touch there between my legs is like nothing I've felt, so different from my own shy explorations. Coy and tender, she feels around blindly, both of us reacting to the best places. Something almost frighteningly big is building in me, something that might shake me apart. Panting, tense with lust and love, I force open blurry eyes and watch the magnetic brown and green of Elphie's eyes as she touches me.

"There," I moan dizzily at the caress of her calloused fingertips on that sensitive button that sets the storm of feeling rushing at me. It crashes over me at the pressure of one of those beloved digits slowly filling that tight, hollow place inside. The roar of sensation leaves me blind and deaf for an endless moment as the pleasure rocks my petite frame.

Lightheaded and exhausted, I come down from the high, startled to find that I've clamped my hand over Elphie's to trap her there. Panting like an athlete against her mouth, I soak up all this up for long moments, wanting to preserve this feeling forever.

"Love you," my lover purrs ever so gently, her timing absolutely perfect. Moved to tears, I don't even try to fight them, basking in Elphie kissing the moisture away.

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