Torment of Two: Games

by A Magiluna Stormwriter

Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognised characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Author's Notes: Well, since Sam is being a snot about finishing her angsty piece, I thought I'd work on something more enjoyable for Janet. And here you go....

"You want me to WHAT?"

Janet Fraiser's strident voice rang across the quiet infirmary.

"Shh," came the urgent whisper. "Janet, please. Just consider it?"

"Just a minute," she replied, setting down the phone. Standing, she moved to close and lock her office door, then returned to her desk. Picking up the phone, she ran her fingers through her bangs. "Sam, this is insane."


"Why? Sam, this is my office. On the base."

"And?" came the laughing response. "Janet, honey, think about it. It's the late watch. No major casualties in the infirmary. There are only two teams off-world, and neither is due back for another two days. Besides, SG-1 leaves tomorrow at 1130 hours." There was a minute pause, then a softer answer. "I miss you."

Janet slumped back against her chair at the admission. "I miss you, too," she whispered into the phone. "I wish I didn't have to work this double, especially tonight, but I can't help it that Davis is out with pneumonia."

"I know," came Sam's soft reply. "Which is why I suggested what I did. I want you home, here with me, in bed, wrapped around me possessively like you always are after we've made love. We're going to be apart for a week, Janet, and that's if these negotiations go as planned. I know we've been apart for longer before, but this is different. Our anniversary is coming up next week, and I'll be gone."

"Our anniversary?" Janet's voice took on a frightened tone. "Oh my god, I don't believe I forgot it. Sam, I'm so sorry."

Sam's low chuckle over the phone stirred something deep in Janet. "It's okay, honey. I was kind of disappointed when I realized it, and that's why I was hoping you'd be off tonight, so we could celebrate a little early."

"But I'm not, so we can't," Janet replied miserably.

"Yes, we can. Just not as we'd normally do it. Please, Janet, let me do this?"

Janet thought for a moment, then smiled. "Okay, Sam, we can try it. But if I get spooked--"

"I promise, we'll stop if you get spooked. But I honestly don't think you will, honey. I think you'll be enjoying yourself far too much."

"That's a pretty big promise, Major. Think you can live up to it?" came the teasing response as Janet rearranged her desk, pulling the phone closer, slipping off her shoes.

"Like every other promise I've lived up to for you over the past year, my love," came the sincere answer.

Janet smiled and leaned back in her chair again. "So," she queried softly. "How do we start this thing? I've never¼."

"Just relax and follow my lead, okay?" Hearing no dissension, Sam continued in a soft voice. "For tonight, you're not really at work. You're coming home to a surprise, private celebration of our anniversary, a little early. Cassie's spending the night with a friend, so we have the house to ourselves, no interruptions."

As Sam spoke, Janet slid out of her lab coat and pulled her tie off, dropping it on the desk as she undid the top button of her blouse. She was going to enjoy this if it killed her, and she had an odd feeling that was exactly what Sam had planned.

"I'm setting the table, dinner's still cooking, when I hear your car pull into the driveway. I've always been able to sense when you're coming home. It's like a part of me is coming back to myself, if that makes any sense."

"Perfect sense, sweetheart," Janet replied softly, knowing the feeling intimately. As Sam continued to speak, she closed her eyes, letting the images flow into her mind, coalescing into a vivid picture of what the night could have been. And all the while, she let the sound of her lover's voice surround her in a warmth that defied explanation.

"Any way, I meet you at the door with a tender kiss and a single rose, that salmon color you like so well. I take your bag and your coat, then close the door behind you. But I won't let you out of my sight or the foyer just yet. I slip your dress jacket off and lay it across the table, then take your hand and lead you up to the bedroom. When we get to the bedroom, you see that I've got a couple candles lit, but then you see even more candlelight spilling out from the bathroom. Quietly and slowly, I remove your clothes. Your dress shirt is the first to go, followed quickly by your skirt. I gently brush my lips across yours as I unhook your bra and slide it off of you."

Janet could feel Sam removing her clothes, the memories were so strong. As Sam continued to describe removing her clothes, the brunette felt herself falling under the spell of her lover's words. She found her fingers grazing her breast as Sam described doing the same thing. She felt an ache deep inside, an ache that only Sam could relieve. But no relief would be in sight tonight, or anytime soon.

"And once you're completely naked, I reach up and take out each pin holding your hair up. Have I told you lately how much I love it that you've grown your hair out? My god, Janet, long hair is so becoming on you."

"Thank you," came the whispered reply as the nimble fingers released her tresses from their confines.

"My fingers comb through your hair, framing your face with it, then I lean in and kiss you again. So gently. Just to show you that I love you. And before you know it, I'm holding my hand over your eyes and leading you into the bathroom. When I remove my hand, you find yourself staring at a filled tub, surrounded by candles."

"Oh, Sam, it's incredible," Janet whispered, thoroughly into the fantasy of what they were doing. She felt tears prick at her eyes.

"Go ahead and slip into the tub, sweetheart, and just relax. I'll be back in a bit, after I've checked on dinner again," Sam said softly, pausing a moment, then whispered, "So what are you doing in the tub, Janet?"

"Mmm, just soaking and relaxing….and thinking of you," came the soft reply as Janet found herself acutely missing her lover again.

"And what are you thinking about?"

"How much I love you. How much I want you."

"Good," Sam purred. "And how will I find you when I come back from the kitchen?"

"Relaxing, almost asleep, but lonely."

Sam chuckled softly. "Good. That's exactly how I want to find you. When I come back into the bathroom, I rouse you enough to get you out of the tub and dried off. Slipping your white satin robe around you, I lead you into the bedroom again and sit on the bed while you stand before me. Ever so gently, I trace my hands along your body, not quite touching you, but letting you know I'm there."

"Like I could ever forget you're there, Sam."

Janet could hear the smile in Sam's slightly husky voice. "Thank you, sweetheart." She cleared her throat lightly, then continued. "I can see your eyes, see your desire beginning to form in their dark depths, but I have other plans for you right now. Standing, I lead you back downstairs, ignoring your protestations, until we arrive in the living room. There, in front of the fire, I've laid out our dinner."

"What are we having?" came the question as Janet rested a hand against her lower stomach, lightly kneading.

"Cheese, crackers, smoked oysters, a little wine, some fruit."

"All my favorite finger foods," Janet replied, smiling. "Well, except for you."

Again, Sam chuckled, causing a warmth in Janet's groin at her next comment. "All in good time, sweetheart, all in good time. But first, you need to get some food into you, build up your energy again."

Janet moaned softly in defiance, causing another throaty chuckle from her lover.

"Patience, sweetheart," came the response. "Of course, I'm not going to let you get your fingers all dirty after your bath, so I feed you a little of everything until you protest that you're full. I clear away the rest of the food, then come back to sit with you by the fire. You're leaning against me, head on my shoulder, and I wrap my arm around you, holding you closer. We just sit there in silence for a while, then I feel it."

"What do you feel?" Janet asked, hoping she knew the answer.

"Just the lightest feather touch of fingertips across my breast, like dancing butterflies across my chest."

"Mmm," came the reply as Janet's fingers did just that across her own breasts.

"I act like I don't feel it, which only makes you increase the pressure of your fingers across my chest. Finally, I look down at you and tilt up your chin to kiss you, letting you know that I've been teasing you."

"You're such a tease," Janet murmured, undoing the buttons on her blouse to gain access to her own taut nipples.

"And you love every minute of it, sweetheart," came the reply. "After I've thoroughly ravaged your mouth, I turn slightly and pull you up onto my lap, facing me. Your face is even with mine now, making it so much easier to kiss you and reach your body. And I fully intend to do just that. Bringing you closer for another kiss, I undo the belt on your robe, revealing your lovely body. Holy Hannah, you're beautiful, Janet."

"Thank you."

"No, thank you," came the reply, before continuing. "I can't seem to get enough of you, any of you. My lips take strong possession of yours as my hands glide the length of your body, reacquainting myself with the curves and contours I know so well. Taking my time, I drop light kisses along the curve of your throat down to your collarbone. A gentle nibble there, then I go lower, nuzzling your breast like a hungry baby. And my hands aren't idle either, you know."

"They're not?" The words barely made it past Janet's lips, followed closely by a low moan.

"Nope. My left hand is propping you up against me, but my right hand.... My right hand is gliding down your stomach to lightly stroke your thighs. Ever so lightly, my fingers glide closer and closer to those delightfully trimmed little auburn curls...and what lies beneath."

Janet moaned, her one hand struggling to hold the phone in place, the other hiking her skirt up as far as she could get it, fingers slipping underneath her nylons to get to her aching flesh. "Oh, Sam," she breathed, fingers gliding over her wet, sensitive flesh.

"Oh my," Sam whispered into the phone. "What have we here? You're so wet, Janet. How did that happen? Did I do that?" She chuckled softly when Janet moaned in response. "It appears I did. Now how can I fix this?"

"Don't tease, Sam, please!" Janet begged. "Please don't tease me."

Sam chuckled softly again, then her voice grew huskier. "Don't tease you? Is that what you said, sweetheart? Don't tease you? You don't want me to run my fingers over your lips, casually slip them inside to gather up your sweet juices, then bring them to my face to lick them clean, only to repeat it all again? You don't want me to ease my fingers ever so lightly across your clit, just barely brushing against it?"

Janet whimpered softly, doing just as Sam described, wishing Sam was there to do it to her. For each light stroke across her clit, her entire body stiffened and she cried out softly. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut, tears prickling them at the sheer eroticism of what they were doing. She wanted Sam so badly, but knew that it wouldn't happen, not for a while.

"Janet? Sweetheart, are you still with me?" came the soft voice over the phone.

"Mm-hmm," she barely responded, lower lip caught between her teeth.

"Good. So where was I? Oh yes, brushing my fingers over your clit, just barely touching you. My teeth gently pulling on your nipple, I slip a finger into you, reaching,"

Janet gasped, her own finger finding and brushing against her G-spot as Sam described it. "Oh god, Sam, please? I don't think I can take much more of this."

"Easy, sweetheart. I've got you," Sam crooned over the phone. "Just relax and let it go, okay?"

Janet did her best to follow Sam's instructions, but she was losing the battle rapidly. Tears fell down her cheeks, of frustration, of longing, of desire, of need. Her entire world was centered around the voice on the phone held tightly to her ear and the throbbing between her legs. So focused on her need, she never heard the door to her office being unlocked, opened, closed, or re-locked. She never saw Sam slipping in with the cell phone held to her own ear. She never saw the look of love and lust in Sam's eyes as the blonde took in the sight of her writhing in her chair.

"In and out," Sam continued softly, moving quietly to kneel before her lover. She saw that Janet's fingers followed her every word exactly and smiled. "One finger is followed by two, then three, filling you, stroking deeply, as my thumb begins its own assault on your clit. For each stroke in and each stroke out of your pussy, my thumb drags across your clit. As added incentive, or maybe torture for you, each downstroke of my thumb causes my thumbnail to drag lightly over your clit."

Janet nearly bolted out of her seat at the first light scrape of her nail over her clit. "Oh god, Sam, I don't think I can-"

"Yes, you can," Sam murmured. "You can do this. It's just a little more, sweetheart, just a little more." She waited, watching the frustration and desire warring within her lover's face. She wanted to reach out, to help her lover, but knew she couldn't. Janet had to finish this on her own. "So, Janet, I hear you moaning an awful lot. Are you close?"

Janet groaned in frustration. "Yes," she hissed. "So close. Oh god, Sam, I'm so close."

"Good," Sam whispered. "I can feel how close you are, feel you trembling around my fingers, and I speed up my pace. My fingers slide deeper into you, curling out to hit your sweet spot on the way out, my thumb increasing its pressure on your clit." She watched her lover for a moment, doing as she'd described. "And then, just when I think you can't take anymore, I flip you over onto your back and replace my thumb with my tongue. I lash-" she paused, cut off by the loud cry torn from Janet's lips at the increased pressure from her thumb, in an attempt to simulate Sam's tongue. "I lash my tongue back and forth rapidly across your clit, pounding my fingers in and out of you, feeling you tremble, knowing you're close. And then, just before I let you plunge over the edge into the oblivion of coming, I reach up and tweak your nipple." As she said it, she reached up and tweaked Janet's left nipple, effectively sending the woman completely over the edge.

Janet cried out loudly at the sensation of her nipple being pinched, and felt her orgasm overcome her. Her entire body spasmed, her fingers plunging rapidly in and out of her clenching pussy, her thumb throbbing against her clit. A series of long, loud cries and moans escaped her lips, then trailed off into whimpers and sobs.

Sam couldn't take it any longer. She shut off her cell phone, then managed to wrestle the phone away from Janet's tight grasp. Hanging it up, she took her lover into her arms, holding her close, crooning softly. "Shh, sweetheart, I've got you. You're okay now, Janet, I've got you," she murmured over and over until Janet calmed down.

"Sam?" Janet finally asked, looking into wide blue eyes. "Is that really you?"

Sam nodded, smiling and wiped at the tear slipping down Janet's cheek. "Happy anniversary, sweetheart."

Janet fell into her arms again, holding her close. "Oh my god, Sam, that was...."

"I know, sweetheart. Thank you."

Suddenly, Janet pulled back to stare at her. "What are you doing here? You said you were at home."

She held up her cell phone. "I've been here the whole time, sweetheart, in my quarters. I was hoping you'd go along with this, but I had other plans if you didn't. Thank you."

"No, thank you, for caring that much." And then she slapped Sam. "And that's for being so damned evil...and so damned good at it. I honestly thought you were trying to kill me."

Sam chuckled and brushed her lips across Janet's. "Well, in a way, that was the point. Besides, how else was I supposed to be able to see you looking so damned disheveled and sexy in your office? Hmm? I do need something to keep my mind occupied while I'm away for our anniversary on this damned mission."

"You've got a point there," Janet replied, then grinned cheekily. "And I hope you know that I'll be using this week away to plot my revenge."

"I certainly hope so, sweetheart," came the reply before Sam kissed her lightly, but thoroughly. "So, you look a little messy, Janet. Need some help getting cleaned up?"


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