Stormwriter's TNG Fanfic

DISCLAIMERS: Paramount owns it all. I merely borrow the characters for a little self-therapy and fantasy fulfillment. I mean no harm, and return the characters unscathed. Please don't come after me....

Magickal Caldos This is an Alternate Universe series in which Beverly Crusher's Celtic background influences her relationship with Jean-Luc Picard.

Daddy This story was written because of a little niggling feeling I had about the friendships between Bev, Jack, JLP, and Walker Keel. [March 1998] NC17

Fur Immer Zusammen It started out as a story for a friend, then got transformed into this wild ride with Bev as a vampire trying to make Wesley a vampire. NOTE: No actual incest occurs in this story. Bev/Wes NC17

Keep It Precious Beverly makes an important decision, but will Deanna make the same decison? This was the very first f/f piece I ever wrote, based on a story a very good friend had written and sent me. It was begun in June 1995 and finished just over a year later. Bev/Deanna NC17

Revelations A little piece I wrote on 4 February 1996, that just wouldn't leave my mind. Troi/Picard NC17

Shades of the Past A little piece dealing with the aftermath of Tasha's Yar's death, set in the 7th season. Bev/Deanna, Ro/Tasha. NC17

The Test This was the very first story I ever wrote for TNG. I wrote it not long after seeing the 4th season episode, "The Host." It's a "what if" story, and I admit is a little rough on characterization, but by that point, I'd only been watching the show for a few months and hadn't yet caught up on the previous 3 seasons. [1991] R

Vibes Just a little ditty showing the closeness of a certain CMO to her captain....all felt by the CMO's best friend, the counselor. PG13

Who'da Thunk It? This was written for all the Vash-haters out there in BonCdom. I had to do it.
NOTE This story takes place within the fourth season episode, "Qpid," following the first meeting between Beverly and Vash. Picard/Crusher, Crusher/Vash, Picard/Crusher/Vash NC17